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Speaking Fluent English is a dream pursued by many, but achieved by only a few because every dream requires dedication and effort with discipline. In addition to that, English is not just a school subject that can be passed with just passing marks, it is a skill that needs to be mastered so that you can speak and write English effortlessly on a day-to-day basis. 

In the real world having fluency in both written as well as spoken English is of utmost significance. However, most of the schools don’t teach their students how to speak fluent English which can be of great help in the future. On the contrary, they go as per the curriculum/ syllabus and just want the students to pass with maximum marks. 

There are numerous ways to learn English, but only a few of them are effective when it comes to speaking and writing English. Therefore, you need to choose an English learning method that helps you master this skill in the best possible manner and lends help in accomplishing the goal of speaking English smoothly. All these are the reasons why taking assistance from a professional English teacher is highly recommended. 

The main purpose behind taking the help of a professional English teacher is to enhance your vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation by hearing and reading daily using words and sentences, which are explained in a simple manner. All this, in turn, will lend a helping hand in understanding the language and interacting confidently in English with the people around you, which is not possible if you are making use of only an English learning book or guide. 

Furthermore, every online English learning tutorial on this page is free and engaging, which makes the entire process even more fun and interesting. All the above-mentioned English video lessons are not that long, which will help you in understanding all the concepts at your own pace in a way that you can sink in as much information as possible. You will get to watch spoken English lessons on topics, such as the difference between various words, verbs, phrases, and tenses, ways to reply in English, daily use of English words, day-to-day English sentences for speaking practice, English pronunciation rules, etc. Moreover, I have also taught numerous untouched English topics in these English learning video lessons like the use of interjections, use of prepositions, use of punctuations, English interview questions, direct indirect speech, and personal talk in English, to name a few.

I believe that all this has motivated you to start learning English by making the most of these free online English learning video tutorials. In addition to that, if you think that I have missed out on any of the topics or if you have queries regarding anything related to English learning then do reach out to me through any of the social media platforms. What is more, you can also go for the paid Spoken English Course that covers topics you would have never thought of when it comes to mastering the English language.

To understand the benefits of learning English through videos, please go through the following points:

Make Yourself Self-Reliant

One of the important things that Awal Sir’s YouTube videos will help you do is learn English and become an independent human being. As philosophical as it might sound, the confidence that you will gain by learning a language that is used all over the world for personal as well as professional interactions is simply beyond comparison. Granted, having fluency in your mother tongue is essential too; however, speaking English without feeling any hesitations will help broaden your horizons. This is the reason why our English-speaking videos for beginners will guide you through this process in the most seamless manner. There are thousands of people who have rated Awal as the best YouTube channel to learn English from Hindi, mainly because they can become self-reliant in their respective lives.

Growth in Your Professional Life

When we think about the practical side of our lives, having a stable income is undoubtedly the first thing that pops into our minds. If you search for videos to learn English online, there might be several links that come up on your mobile or laptop screen. But only a few will give you the right guidance and approach to speaking English with fluency. Moreover, you will not find as many interesting videos to learn English as Awal Sir’s because his way of teaching this language is unique. Not only will you be able to improve your English through his videos, but you will also enjoy his teaching style. The most beneficial aspect of learning English for free from these English video lessons tutorials is that your professional life will blossom. You will have the courage to present a project or a business proposal to your clients. In fact, you will get promotions in a timely manner!English video lessons

Become a Global Citizen

Awal Sir’s YouTube channel is considered the best in India to learn English online because it trains people to become world citizens. If you are fluent in this language that is spoken across the globe, then you will not worry about interacting with anyone. You will be able to connect with people from different cultures, countries, and continents in an effortless manner. By explaining basic concepts in Hindi, Awal Sir helps you learn English through videos on his official channel. This is the easiest method to understand an internationally spoken language just by watching his Spoken English videos online. So, when you move to another nation for work or personal commitments, you will not feel out of place. You will be able to begin a new phase of your life with a lot of confidence and knowledge.

Have Confidence while Travelling

When we talk about international awareness, travelling is one factor that should not be overlooked at all. Whether you are an occasional traveller or a hardcore travel enthusiast, being fluent in English is necessary. This is because it is one of the few languages that is spoken by people in all corners of the world. Even if you plan to travel within India, most people in the extreme parts of our country prefer speaking English. Hence, it is imperative that you make use of these videos for beginners to learn English. The chances of getting confused in a completely new place will be low because you will be able to speak with the locals and get your issues resolved quickly.

Connect with Like-Minded People

Oftentimes, the language barrier is the main reason why you are unable to connect with people from the same educational, social, or political backgrounds. You might have similar opinions on a lot of topics, but sharing them with others might get tough if you cannot converse in English properly. Taking this into account, it is advised to learn English with videos published by Awal Madaan on his official channel. You will be able to grasp conversational English in such a way that talking to people from all social backgrounds will not be an issue for you anymore. Since these English learning videos are in Hindi, you will learn English very quickly.

Open Your Mind to New Things

It is a reality that every language has a distinct characteristic that cannot be found anywhere else. If you learn English by watching videos in Hindi on Awal Madaan’s YouTube channel, then finding the beauty of this language will become a lot easier for you. Be it poetry, drama, or prose, you will be able to watch English plays in real-time without missing out on the romance hidden behind the words. In fact, you will be able to express yourself in a new way. New people, places, and ideas will be at your disposal just by going through English-speaking videos for beginners in Hindi on Awal Sir’s channel.


Awal sir’s Youtube channel is the best way to learn English for beginners because his videos are ideal for people who want to speak this language without any hesitations. He provides a number of tips and tricks that will elevate your self-confidence to another level. In fact, he makes sure that his followers do not feel pressured while learning English through videos that are explained in Hindi. In just a few weeks, you will feel empowered and speak in English in the most fluent way!

Yes, Youtube videos are the best way to learn English, especially the ones that Awal sir publishes on a regular basis. This is because you will not have to physically attend a class at a coaching center when the right information is available to you on your mobile phone or laptop. You just need to take out a few minutes to watch his free videos for learning fluency in the English language. Awal sir will give you so many tips and tricks to converse in English that you will feel confident while speaking with your colleagues, relatives, or friends without getting self-conscious.

Watching English-speaking videos for beginners on Youtube is the easiest and most affordable way to learn this language. Awal sir’s official channel is regularly updated with useful video tutorials for speaking fluent English. You will learn the most basic concepts in such a simplified manner that the fear of understanding English will completely diminish from your mind. Moreover, you will start enjoying this process! This is the reason why people are recommended to watch videos so they can improve their English.

If you are planning to learn English for free, then Youtube can be your best buddy. Awal sir’s videos are available on his official channel where he provides a lot of tips and tricks to become fluent in English in a simple and quick way. But if you feel that watching YouTube videos to learn English is not enough, then it would be best to check out Awal sir’s website where he offers a spoken English course. The cost of this course is Rs. 999 for 6 months and Rs. 1999 for 1 year respectively.

There are a lot of people who are looking up websites to learn English for free and it is completely alright. The most beneficial way to speak English fluently is by watching Awal sir’s videos on Youtube. These videos tutorials are free of cost but the amount of knowledge that you will gain is simply beyond comparison. However, you can find an affordable path like Awal sir’s spoken English course that will make you feel confident while talking in English, then it is best to purchase it.

The best way to learn English is from Hindi videos on Awal sir’s Youtube channel. This is because he will give you a lot of tips and tricks to speak English fluently. But it is equally important to take out time on a daily basis and watch these videos on his official channel. This will help you learn English on a regular basis. So, it is important to stay consistent. Only after taking these steps, you will be able to improve your communication skills.

The right way to learn English through videos is when they are explained in Hindi. This is because most people in our country are used to speaking in Hindi, so it assists them in understanding another language. Awal sir has made several English-speaking videos for free on his Youtube channel in which he explains concepts in Hindi. This will help you in improving your communication skills to a great extent. In case you need further help, then you can also enroll in his spoken English course available on his website.

Movies are the most interesting videos to learn English from. So, you can watch Hollywood sitcoms and movies with subtitles switched on your device. This will help you in reading the language as well as hearing it at the same time. But it is also important to find movies with easy English being spoken by the characters. This is because you will not feel comfortable hearing difficult words and sentences in the beginning. Hence, it is best to look for simple English movies that you can watch at home.

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