Who is Awal?

Awal Madaan was born and brought up in Amritsar, Punjab. He moved to Delhi after completing his graduation, in search of job opportunities. Doing so, he realized that the life in a metro city is a constant struggle for someone who lacks communication skills and all high-paying jobs go to those who speak English well.


Professional Life / Career

Awal decided that he would make a place for himself and beat all odds. During that time, there were no English teachers on online platforms in India to help him learn English, so he devised his own methods to learn and practise English, and he did it so well, that he landed a job with an American company. Not just that, he also rose steeply in his career, achieving new milestones at a rapid pace. At job, he won “Employee of the Year” award for his excellent performance. Within a few years, he was promoted to the director level role in the company he was working for. Seeing his ideas work, he decided to help others as an online tutor for spoken English.

While working with Americans, Awal realized that in India, English is taught as a subject with a set of strict rules, while Americans treat it as a medium to convey one’s thoughts and feelings through words. They are very flexible with their language, unlike us, who always ensure that our sentences are perfectly worded. Because of the fear of making mistakes, we lose confidence of speaking English. He discovered the reasons why people in India hesitate to speak English, why people can write English but not speak it fluently, and decided that he would bring a change in the way English is treated in India, and help people learn English easily.


Why Awal Started Teaching English?

Awal started making language tutorials with a mission to empower people from small towns, who otherwise don’t get the same quality of education as those in metropolitans. Social media helped him digitally reach the remotest areas of the country and become a free online spoken English tutor. Garnering over 12 million subscribers on YouTube, Awal has become a popular name among online English language learners, which has added significantly to his brand value as one of the best English teachers on youtube in India. It has created a positive change as earlier there was no tutor to teach spoken English online for free, but now many people are following this path to provide free online spoken English classes.
Awal helps a diverse range of audience, including students who want to understand grammatical concepts, employed and self-employed individuals who want to enhance their spoken English, and even the elderly people who want to chat with their grandchildren in their style.These are a few reasons why active learners consider him as the best online spoken English teacher.


What to Expect from Awal’s Videos?

Awal’s videos have everything connected to English language. From daily use sentences to slang words, from traditional rules of grammar to modern English phrases, his videos cover all those topics that people usually struggle with. His objective is to help people learn fluent and conversational English, and not just the bookish English, because that is what we use everywhere these days. Using this approach, he has emerged as one of the best spoken English teachers on social media. Though people understand that learning English is a professional requirement for private and government jobs, they do sometimes tend to give up, so he tries to keep motivating people through his inspirational videos every once in a while.


Learn English with Awal and Become a Pro at Speaking English

Awal has recently introduced a comprehensive Spoken English Course, which covers everything a beginner needs to know and understand. It is a English learning step by step guide that will help you reach the advanced level of writing and speaking in English. Do check it out as it has more than 60 English learning video tutorials, English mock tests, easy to understand study notes and a course certificate to validate that you can now speak fluent English.


Why AwalEnglish.com was launched

AwalEnglish.com aims at making English learning easy and fun for you. Our vision is to help millions of Hindi speaking people who want to know how to speak English proficiently and with confidence, so that they perform better at work. Awal Madaan is considered to be one of the best online English tutors, he try to make the best resources accessible to all age groups of the society free of cost. We also have a paid course that helps you learn English step by step from beginner to advanced level. Click for full course > Spoken English Course

Our community today comprises of over 16 million fans on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We create our content with all the love and will continue to do so with even more love and enthusiasm.


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About Awal

Awal is the most loved English coach on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. His unique style of explaining a concept with simple and interesting examples is super hit among his fans. Learn English With Awal and shine!

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