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English Course

Awal Madaan

What is included in the course?

30 Recorded Video-Lessons: Watch any time at your own convenience.

Notes: Keep the notes for your reference.

Quizzes: Test yourself after the lessons.

Discussion Group: Discuss with other members of the course.

Certificate: Get course certificate after completing the course.

Are all the topics explained in English langauge only?

I have used a mix of simple Hindi and English to explain the topics covered in this course.

Who should join this course?

This course is for all those who want to become the best at work:

Employees, who want to grow and get promotions faster.

Professionals, who want to grow in their profession.

Start-up Entrepreneurs, who want to take their startup to new heights.

Interns, who want to start their career on the best note.

Job Seekers, who are looking to prove themselves desperately.

Businessmen, who want to expand their business further.

How to join this course?

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Your Success
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Awal English Career Development Course

Winner of Best Education Channel Award at Social Media Summit by the Government of AP (India).

I have worked in various corporate jobs for 15 years with a great success. I started from a junior level and got many promotions in my career. I was also given "Employee of the Year" award. Now, my mission is to teach you all the tips and tricks of becoming successful at work through my professional English speaking course.

My English course for career development will help you learn professional English language, with advanced English words and phrases to speak with others in a formal way. This is the best course for working professionals, and my unique lessons make this course as one of the best professional English courses online.

I have given a lot of examples and samples that you can use right away in your emails, meetings, presentations, etc. I have taught English through Hindi to make you easily understand all the business communication terms and concepts.

Learn English With Awal

I am happy to have worked with the top celebrities from Bollywood, TV and Sports. Now, it's your turn to rise and shine with me.

Awal Madaan English Course

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Watch some short clips from the course to get an idea of my interesting way to explain various concepts.

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As we always say, English is required everywhere, not as a subject but as a medium of communication that can help you deliver your thoughts and ideas effectively. At home, or on other occasions, our regional language can come to the rescue. However, at the workplace, we need to communicate in the most common language ‘English’. English is required for the workplace as it is easily understood by a diverse set of people from different backgrounds. The reason why all employees of a corporate go under lingual training to learn business English speaking is that the employer wants them all to be able to share problems or solutions in a common language.

Corporate English training is timed shortly, to assess, and make employees learn business English speaking skills so that an environment is created and new joinees are comfortable communicating workplace-related problems effectively. However, not everyone grabs the way of communicating business English in a short span of time. This is how learning English for the workplace in advance becomes an advantage for your Career Success. Our course will help you have insight into the corporate English training for employees so that you are prepared, and always ready to speak confidently.

Our mix of simple Hindi and English language instructions will help you grab the concept faster. It's not only about the English communication verbally in person but the phone conversation, email handling, presentation delivery skills, handling meetings, and learning how to talk with your boss, customer, colleagues, and employees also. In short, it is a complete package. As soon as you become confident at business communication in English, you’ll no longer be hesitant to convey your understanding of topics. This will help you to focus on company policy, ethics, work style, and other learning content, which helps in building a knowledge base to carry your job responsibilities efficiently.

Now, we know that learning business English speaking skills for the workplace in advance would be a win-win situation for the career success of anyone who struggles to communicate business English effectively. Learning business communication in English is a boon for the employees, job seekers, interns, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and professionals, who want to learn, earn, grow and get ahead of the competitors faster for a successful career.

In this course, you will get to learn the following:
- How to write perfect, professional, and impressive emails for internal or external communication at work.
- How to deliver presentations with confidence so that you get the appreciation you deserve.
- How to talk on the phone with proper intonation and ethics so that you can communicate clearly and efficiently.
- How to communicate effectively with other mates at the workplace, this will help you in sharing ideas and deal with other situations in your office.

Hurry up, join Awal's Professional English Course today and move one step forward towards a successful career.

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