10 English Phrases Used In Daily Routine

Do you know how to say “कहना आसान है, करना नहीं” or “यह गाना सुबह से मेरे दिमाग में घूम रहा है”? इस वीडियो में ऐसे 10 English Phrases सीखो जो आपके Daily Routine में काम आएंगे | Learn 10 English expressions of daily use to speak fluent English with your colleagues, friends and family members. In this video, Awal has given 10 important phrases that we use in daily English conversation. Awal has explained meaning of each phrase in Hindi, along with simple and interesting examples of daily use. This English lesson is helpful for beginners who want to practice English speaking for more confidence. This English lecture in Hindi will make Spoken English learning easy for you.

Make the most of this English learning video lesson by mastering 10 new English phrases and sentences used in daily routine. Start using these phrases and sentences in your day to day life because they will help you upgrade your English fairly quickly. Don’t wait, start learning English.


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Awal is the most loved English coach on Youtube and TikTok. His unique style of explaining a concept with simple and interesting examples is super hit among his fans.

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