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Word of the day Imperious

Imperious meaning in Hindi




Imperious meaning in English

With an attitude of authority and expecting obedience

Imperious Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Arrogant, peremptory

Imperious Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Meek, docile

Word Imperious Uses and Examples

He was a imperious man when I met him.
वो एक नंबर का घमंडी इंसान था जब मैं उससे मिली थी।

The CEO was as imperious as ever.
CEO हमेशा से ही घमंडी था।

He was an imperious son used to getting his own way.
वो एक अहंकारी बेटा था जिसे हर चीज़ अपने हिसाब से से ही चाहिए थी।

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