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Summon (समन)


किसी को हुकुम देके किसी जगह पर बुलाना


औपचारिक रूप से कोई बैठक बुलाना

Kisi ko hukum deke kisi jagah par bulana


Aupcharik roop se koi baithak bulana

Summon Meaning in English

To order someone to be present or to come to a specific place

To officially arrange a meeting
Pronunciation- Suh-muhn
Synonyms (Related Similar Words)
Call, ask for, request someone’s presence, call for, invite
Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)
Send away, dismiss, discharge, send

  1. He summoned us here for the reason best known to him.
  2. The council was summoned to discuss this serious matter.
  3. All of them were summoned to the principal’s office.
  4. The doctors will be summoned to share the report next month.
  5. She was summoned to appear at the court last week.

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