Why Should We Read Books Every Day?

Have you ever thought about why everyone keeps talking about book reading?

Let me answer this for you. Book reading is an exercise for the brain, it refreshes our brain and keeps it relaxed. The good thing is that anyone can do this exercise regardless of age. There are so many benefits of book reading and some of them are mentioned below:

Readers Become Leaders

Almost all great leaders were readers. They used to read books from other great personalities. There is a saying; You can experience one more life with each book you read. Reading has been a source of inspiration and growth for centuries. It is one of the best investments that a person can easily make and enjoy multiple long-lasting benefits. Reading keeps our minds healthy and productive and this will enable us to become better leaders.

Empathy Generator

Reading generates emotions by creating a connection between the writer and the reader who have never met before. You may agree with the writer or disagree, but you get to know the characters, story and get emotionally attached by the end of a book. You will start to understand and share the feelings of others. This is called Empathy and it is one of the soft skills which companies try to look for in their employees.


Enhanced Concentration

Most of us use internet-connected devices these days. There are many applications that are part of our daily life. So many people have a habit of checking their notifications every now and then. This behavior can cause stress levels to rise, and decrease productivity. When we read a book, all of our attention is focused on the story without any compromise. This leads to a lower stress level. If you want to test it, try reading a book on your way to work and you will see a positive change with much more focus towards work.


Improved Writing

When we read good books, we get to see the usage of words at a different level. Authors convey their point of view with powerful words and sentence structures. We indirectly get influenced by the writing technique and word usage. This happens because they observe words as the main tool for delivering their thoughts and feelings. In the end, we tend to improve our writing skills by observing the writer’s work.

Diverse Mindset

By reading books, we get to know other cultures and places. Books let you know people, experience cities, and so many other things we have never seen in our life. Reading a book in the comfort of our home can give us a travel experience just by imagining the content. We learn many things that the author wants us to know. We can see the world through their eyes, discover their cultures. This improves our thought process to become more diverse.

Confidence Booster

Confidence comes from knowledge, and knowledge comes from experience. A reader has more experience than a person who has never read a book. Book reading can develop confidence in a person to deliver their thoughts with no doubt.

Rational Analytics Improvement

We get a variety of information from the starting of the book to the end of it. This makes us think and compare the start point of the story and ending. Reading develops unbiased analytical thinking for decision making in all aspects of our life.

Memory Improvement

When we read a book, we need to remember the background of the story, character names and their personalities, and much more. By the time we move ahead, our brain learns to save and remember all this. Our memory becomes stronger as we read a book.

Critical Thinking Development

One of the major benefits of reading books is that it develops critical thinking skills. If you read a detective story, your mind will become sharper to details and you’ll pay attention to each detail in life. If you read a classic novel on poverty, you’ll pay more attention to this issue. Reading can develop the brain better than other mediums like radio, mobile, or television. Critical thinking skills are very important for making decisions in our life.

Increased Vocabulary

There are so many words in English, we only use a few of them for our daily communications. If you are looking forward to increasing your vocabulary then book reading is one of the best options among all other activities. When we read a book, we find many new words, phrases, and a variety of writing styles. These new words get added to our brain dictionary for usage. Since words in a storybook have a connection to the story, it is easier to remember them, unlike traditional dictionaries.

There are hundreds of benefits of reading a book. As I said earlier, book reading can reduce stress levels, give better sleep, improve mental health and develop amazing imagination powers. The list can go on for pages, but I have to limit it. I hope that you find your reason to start reading books and avail all the benefits.

August 28, 2021

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