Idioms And Phrases Related to Art Expressions

What are Idioms and Phrases?

Idioms and phrases are sayings that are commonly used in everyday English to communicate specific ideas or opinions. Understanding English idioms and phrases are important because they require a good knowledge of the English language to know what someone means when they use them in a conversation.

How Do Idioms and Phrases Help You Improve Your Conversational Skills?

Idioms and phrases may seem to be complicated at first, but they can be a lot more enjoyable to learn. You may find them most often in spoken or written conversations. Idioms and phrases can help you improve your conversational skills. The correct usage shows regional speakers that you understand the social meaning and connection behind the idioms or phrases. Using idioms or at least understanding them can help you feel more comfortable and confident with your conversational skills the more you practice them during your English speaking time.

Today, you will get to know about some idioms and phrases that have words related to art in them. These phrases are popular and used in many places informally or formally. I am sure these phrases will be an addition to your language skills.

Blank Canvas:

A blank canvas refers to a situation in which nothing has been planned or decided yet, so people are free to decide what should be done or happen.


Some authors work with a blank canvas.

Art is long, life is short:

This idiom means that the work of an artist outlasts himself. In easy words, this idiom tells that the artwork of an artist lives longer than the artist. Another meaning states that there is so much to acquire that a lifetime is not enough.


You should hurry up if you want to learn this skill because art is long, life is short.

Have something down to a fine art

It means that you have practised doing something for so long that you have become an expert. In simple words, you can do a task in a very skilful or efficient way because you have it a lot of times.


Handling several children is a big task, though he has got it down to a fine art.

State of the art                        Very modern and using the newest technology, ideas, and methods.


These laptops are state of the art.

(As) Pretty as a picture:

(As) pretty as a picture means very attractive. It is a compliment. This phrase is one of the ways of saying beautiful/handsome.


She looked as pretty as a picture on her wedding anniversary.

Artistic license:

When details and facts are removed or modified to meet the desire of the artist, it is known as an artistic license.


His new movie takes a little artistic license with the facts.

Be the picture of health:

When someone says that you are a picture of health, they mean that you look very healthy.


My gym trainer is a picture of health.

Life imitates art: 

We use this idiom when something happens in real life in the same or related way as something described in a piece of art or story. It is usually used humorously or sarcastically.


He went to the venue and felt like a Bollywood movie scene was being played. A chilling instance of life imitating art.

Art for art’s sake:

We use this phrase that expresses or conveys the idea that a piece of art should exist only for the pleasure afforded by its perfection of form and expression, rather than for any utilitarian, moral, or political purpose.


A good artist encourages people to make art for art’s sake.

Paint a picture of something :

To paint a picture of something means to describe something or to create an idea of something in a particular way. This phrase allows the listener to visualize what you are speaking about. To paint a picture may also mean to explain or show something in a particular light or in a specific way.


This news does not paint a positive picture of the company for our buyers.

Paint (something/somebody) in a good light:

When we paint something or somebody in a good light, it means that we have positive things to say about something or someone. This phrase is used by a vast group of people commonly.


A politician was angry because the movie did not paint him in a good picture.

Paint (something) with a broad brush:

To explain or define something in a very general manner, without paying attention to the details.


When I asked my son how he would become a blockchain engineer, he painted his plan with a broad brush. 

Put (someone) in the picture:

To keep someone informed, aware, or up to date about something. When I say put me in the picture for this case, it means that I want to know details about what’s going on in the case. This phrase also means to involve someone in something.


I’ll put you in the picture as soon as I get the information.


These idioms and phrases will help you be in the inclusive group of English speakers and also, it will help you sound more proficient among your learning partners.

December 29, 2021

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