Do’s and Don’ts of Online Learning (2021)

Online learning provides students with the chance to work from the comfort of their homes. The growth of online learning classrooms and attending sessions virtually has only increased during this unusual time. It is because colleges and universities around the world have been affected by COVID-19. As classrooms move to online platforms, you may be enticed to stay in your slacks all day or not bathe every day. However, being enrolled in classes with other students, who are still attending the sessions online, you’ll need to appear in sessions and show your professors that you are paying attention to everything and participating in the discussions. There are some clear do’s and don’ts for students attending the virtual classroom. Below are some suggestions of how to become a better online student in your class.




Be on time

As a student of online courses, attendance still matters. You should log in at the right time on the online portal. Check if your device is charged and your appearance is appropriate when you turn on the video. Being late is not acceptable because you do not have to commute in traffic.

Study the curriculum

This may sound odd, but you should study the lesson in advance. It will be beneficial if you read the required lessons beforehand, so that you can participate in the class actively and achieve the required objectives of learning.

The syllabus is your road map to successfully qualifying and getting ahead in the course you’re

enrolled in, so don’t forget to look at it beforehand.

Respect your classmates and present yourself

Make sure you present yourself and talk gently. Sound quality will vary depending on the individual student’s home facility set-up. You should verify that people can understand you and you can listen to them. If you disagree with one of your classmates’ opinions, politely convey your point. Respect your mates and allow them to finish when they are speaking.

Keep a check on software and devices

An issue with your device or software means you could miss some important part of your teacher’s lecture. Keep the camera stable and check if your video is visible or not. Use headphones to ensure you can listen to everyone. Plug in your devices ( Mobile, Laptop or Computer) and make sure it’s charged and working fine.

Adopt flexibility

Being an online student, you’ll likely be natural with the demand of this type of learning like fixing your schedule, managing homework, and more. Flexibility is necessary to be a successful online learner. You must manage your time efficiently, make sure you allow sufficient time and space in your day to log on.




No lame excuses

As a student of an online session, the teacher will require you to be capable of setting up your devices accordingly to log in on time and to fully indulge yourself in learning. And just like you can’t blame your dog for eating your notebook and assignments, you can’t blame technical issues for the delay in submitting your assignments in online learning.

Avoid distractions

You should not get distracted by social media or websites while you’re joining your online class. You should avoid surfing on the internet while the session is going on, block pop-ups and turn off irrelevant notifications to completely focus on your studies.

Don’t feel isolated and alone

Online sessions can appear very isolated and alone at times. You can change this perception by connecting with a classmate. You may also fix offline sessions with your batchmates. Usually, teachers will conduct some activities which will make you feel connected. You are not alone. Other students too feel the same and you can join them on our Facebook group “Learn English with Awal”.

Never demoralize yourself

You should stay positive throughout your sessions. Don’t forget to take small breaks to have a cup of coffee or tea, and a walk to the balcony or nearby window. Don’t forget to empathise with a buddy who is also taking an online session, do a workout, and make sure to schedule some time that is screen-free. If you feel down or outflow, you can take a break and be back to avoid missing the learnings.


October 8, 2021

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