20 Phrases That Will Make Learning English Easy For You

Learning English has always been a task for most of us. We know the rules of grammar, but it is not only about the subtle grammar rules. It is about the words and sentences we use. The more English words we know the easier it gets for us to learn English. One thing we ignore is the use of phrases. Phrases are just a group of words which give a different meaning. It may be hard to speak a long sentence, but using a phrase instead sounds rather cool and is shorter and easier to speak. When you learn English, you should be mindful of speaking short sentences because the longer a sentence is, the higher chances are there of committing a mistake. On the other hand, phrases are never incorrect and are pretty easy to speak. Here are some phrases that will help you in the long run as they are from the day-to-day life situations we face and they will make many sentences you speak comparatively short.

Back of My Hand

Meaning: To have complete knowledge about something

Example: I know Delhi like the back of my hand.

Take It Easy

Meaning: To relax

Example: Gaurav, whenever you get angry, you should take it easy.

All of A Sudden

Meaning: A thing happened unexpectedly and quickly

Example: We were enjoying our picnic all of a sudden it started raining.

Herculean Task

Meaning: A work that is difficult to do

Example: It is a herculean task to defeat Usain Bolt in racing.

The Time Is Ripe

Meaning: The correct time to do something

Example: The time from 5:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. is ripe for a morning walk.

Double Minded

Meaning: One who is confused

Example: Ramesh is a double-minded person, he could not select his own clothes.

See Eye To Eye

Meaning: To be completely agreed

Example: Mr. Satish and Mr. Kunal were shown eye to eye on their business partnership.

When Pigs Fly

Meaning: A thing that can never happen/impossible

Example: When pigs can fly you will be punctual.

A Piece Of Cake

Meaning: A task/work/thing that is very easy

Example: Typing 40 words per minute is a piece of cake for me.

Hand to Mouth

Meaning: To have enough resources just to survive/ stay alive

Example: Sonu is a laborer and he is living hand to mouth.

To Cost an Arm and A Leg

Meaning: Very Expensive

Example: The diamond necklace she selected cost an arm and a leg to me.

Break the Ice

Meaning: To break the silence/ speak up

Example: The local government did not break the ice on the matter of a scam done by a local MLA.

Break a Leg

Meaning: To wish somebody good luck

Example: “Break a leg, my son, I am excited about your performance.” My mother wishes me on an annual day.

Once In A Blue Moon

Meaning: Thing that happens rarely

Example: All of my friends are busy in their lives so I talk to them once in a blue moon.

Hit the Sack

Meaning: Go to bed

Example: I was tired yesterday so I hit the sack at 8 O’clock.

By The Skin of One’s Teeth

Meaning: Barely/ by a narrow margin/ just

Example: I have attempted too many competitive exams and failed by the skin of my teeth.

Head Over Heels

Meaning: To be in love

Example: Whenever Tannu sees Rohan, she feels her head over heels.

All Greek and Latin to Me

Meaning: Difficult to understand

Example: Today’s Economics lecture was all Greek and Latin to me.

To Feel Under The Weather

Meaning: To feel ill

Example: I want to play football but I am feeling under the weather today.


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July 25, 2021

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