Spotting errors for SSC tenses – Part 7

Podcast of Spotting errors for SSC tenses

How to use get?

Get is auxiliary that we can use in different ways. We use to get in place of becoming. some times we need to understand something then we also use get. When we buy something we also use get in a specific manner. some times we use to get for getting our work. sometimes we use to get word for convincing. basically, we found the use of get into seven ways.

Jab Hume koi cheez milti hai tab hum get ka use karte hai.

Three forms of get:– GET, GOT, AND GOTTEN.


  • Are you getting my letters?
  • Kya tumhe mere letters mil rahe hai.
  • Have you got your pen?
  • Kya tumhara pen mil gaya hai?
  • Can I get some sugar?
  • Kya mujhe thodi sugar mil sakti hai?
  • I will get the kids from school.
  • Mai bachoon ko school se le aaunga
  • Shall I glass of water for you?
  • Kya mai tumhare liye ek glass paani le aaun?
  • It is getting dark.
  • Andhera ho raha hai.
  • The situation is getting worse.
  • Halaat aur bure hote Jaa rahe hai.
  • I got it now.
  • Mujhe ab samajh aa gaya.
  • I didn’t get why they broke up.
  • Mujhe nahi samajh aaya wo kyu alag ho gaye.
  • Get some milk as well.
  • Thoda milk bhi khareed Lana.
  • I will get this work done.
  • Mai ye kaam karwa lunga.
  • I need to get my car fixed.
  • Mujhe apni car theek karwani hai.
  • I will get him to do this work for free.
  • Mai usse ye kaam free mein karwa lunga.
  • After a lot of discussions, I finally got him to agree with me.
  • Bahut discussion ke baad aakhirkaar maine use apne baat ke liye sehmat Kara hi liya.

We hope you understand the use of GET. if you have any doubt you can raise your question also in the comment section.

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