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Spotting errors for SSC tenses – Part 1

Podcast of Spotting errors for SSC tenses

Tenses are that part of English if your confusion is clear then you can make a lot of sentences easily.
Tenses are four types:-

  1. Simple
  2. Continuous
  3. Perfect
  4. Perfect continuous


Simple past- for making the sentences of simple past we are using verb 2nd form. for Negative and Interrogative sentences we use 2nd form do is we use did.

In the simple present, we use verb 1st form. and in negative or Interrogative sentences we use to do. he, she, it or name we use ‘s’ or ‘es’.I, you, we don’t use s or es

In simple future sentences, we use verb 1st form and use helping verb will.

Examples of Simple present –

  • Wo daily sham ko football khelta hai.
  • He plays football daily in the evening.
  • I learn computer.
  • Mai computer sikhta hu.

Negative sentences

  • Wo ladka Punjabi nahi bolta hai.
  • He does not speak Punjabi.
  • I do not eat sweets.
  • Mai mithai nahi khata hu.

Interrogative sentence

  • Kya wo office jata hai?
  • Does he go to the office?
  • Kya ye sahi se kaam karta hai?
  • Does it work properly?
  • Kya tum Mumbai mein rehte ho?
  • Do you live in Mumbai?
  • Kya wo non veg nahi khate hai?
  • Do they not eat non-veg?
  • Kya Reena yoga nahi karti hai?
  • Does Reena not do yoga?

Simple past

  • Wo school nahi gaya.
  • They did not go to school.
  • Humne kal raat movie nahi dekhi.
  • We did not watch the movie last night.


  • Kya teacher ne tumhe punish Kiya?
  • Did the teacher punish you?
  • Kya maine tumse galat question phuch liya?
  • Did I ask you the wrong question?
  • Kya tum shadi mein nahi gaye?
  • Did you not go to the wedding?
  • Kya usne tumse baat nahi ki?
  • Didn’t he talk to you?

Simple future

  • Wo stage par perform karegi
  • She will perform on the stage.
  • Mai apne janamdin pe Naya phone lunga.
  • I will purchase a new phone on my b’day.
  • Wo humare sath nahi aayegi.
  • She will not come with us.
  • Hum coffee nahi piyenge.
  • We will not have coffee.
  • Kya tum office car se jaoge?
  • Will you drive to work?
  • Kya wo tumse shaadi karengi?
  • Will she marry you?
  • Kya Tumhari mummy tumhe daatengi nahi
  • Willn’t your mother scold you?

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