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Word of the day Savoury

Savoury meaning in Hindi


खाने में कुछ नमकीन या तीखा

Khane mein kuch namkeen ya teekha

Savoury meaning in English

(of food) belonging to the category that is salty or spicy

Savoury Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Spicy, Salty

Savoury Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)


Word Savoury Uses and Examples

There was a variety of sandwiches and other small savouries.
वहां कई तरह के sandwiches और नमकीने थीं।

I could do the dessert and you could do the savoury.
मैं मीठा बना लूंगी और तुम नमकीन बना लेना।

I’d like to have something savoury.
मैं कुछ नमकीन खाना पसंद करूँगा/करुँगी।

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