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Word of the day Pervert

Pervert meaning in Hindi


आम तौर पर अस्‍वाभाविक या अस्‍वीकार्य यौन-आचरण करने वाला व्‍यक्ति; ठर्की

Aam taur par aswabhavik ya aswikriya yaun-aacharan karne wala vyakti; tharki

Pervert meaning in English

A person whose sexual behaviour is not thought to be natural or normal by most people

Pervert Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Debauchee, Deviant

Pervert Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)


Word Pervert Uses and Examples

He is a pervert.
वो एक ठर्की है।

Please save me from that pervert.
मुझे उस ठर्की से बचाओ।

When will you stop behaving like a pervert?
Tum ek tharki insaan ki tarah bartav karna kab band karoge?

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