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Confiscate (कॉन्‌फ़िस्‌केट्‌)


दंड के रूप में कोई चीज़ ज़ब्‍त कर लेना
dand ke roop mein koi cheez zubt kar lena

Confiscate meaning in English

To take something away from somebody as a punishment

Pronunciation – kawn·fuh·skayt 

Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Seize, take, commandeer, impound

Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Return, give, offer


  1. If you bring your phone to the examination hall, it will be confiscated.
  2. His passport was confiscated at the airport.
  3. As per the laws, we have the right to confiscate your possessions if you do not cooperate, sir.
  4. She confiscated my phone!
  5. The police has already confiscated the vehicles that were used in committing this crime.


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