Idiom of the day | Accidentally on Purpose | Day 295

Idiom of the day- Accidentally on Purpose


Accidentally on Purpose

English Meaning– Doing something intentionally but making it appear as if it was accidental

Hindi Meaning – कुछ चीजें जानबूझकर करना, लेकिन इसे ऐसा दिखाना जैसे यह गैर-इरादे से हुआ हो


Accidentally on Purpose Example

She spilled the drink on her ex-boyfriend’s shirt accidentally on purpose to get back at him for cheating.

उसने अपने ex- boyfriend से उसकी बेवफाई का प्रतिशोध लेने के लिए उसकी कमीज़ पर जानबूझकर शराब गिराई।

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