How is the Debate Activity Helpful in Learning English?

A student is always curious to know as to why they are being told to have a debate with someone when they learn English. If you too have the same question, you are at the right place.

Fluency in speaking English is almost next to impossible if you do not indulge in practices like debates. Debate refines your speaking and communication skills. You learn to express your ideas and take a stand on important matters through discussions.

While learning English, mentors often tell us to practise speaking English because with regular practice; one can attain proficiency. Debate helps us in many ways to become proficient in English. Do you want to know how? Check out the following points, and you will learn all about it.


Here are some points that explain how debates help us in learning English:



Articulation of thoughts shows your thought structure. Debating is one of the best ways to improve your thought structure. However, before indulging in debate, we try to be well versed with research and theories which help us present ourselves better. Through these researches and studies, we find it easy to articulate our thoughts in the best way possible. As a result, we can escape making wrong expressions and learn English better. The better you articulate, the better you will be at writing.


Makes us a Good Reader

Debating requires compelling arguments to prove your stance better. Opinions never form in your mind on their own. They are developed when you read from different sources like research papers, journals or books. This makes you a good reader who is well versed with good vocabulary and can form sentences quickly. It enhances your knowledge in different areas, and speaking English can become an easy task for you.


Improves Your Listening Capabilities

The conscious mind responds to questions quite well. While debating, listening to people is the most crucial benefit which helps you learn English. Unless you listen to people, it would be impossible for you to take your stand on the arguments put forward by the opposite party. Moreover, it increases concentration when you take part in discussions like this. This has two-fold benefits: it improves your English understanding and helps you communicate your ideas well.


Voice Modulation

The Voice modulation technique is an essential trait of a public speaker. Voice modulation means the fluctuation in the tone to gain more attention. You need to sound aloud in many places, whereas at points, meek voices work. Debating activity requires good voice modulation to gather more audience. This is how debating proves to be a very beneficial activity that teaches you to become a future public speaker when you learn English.


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Builds Confidence

How confident you sound when you deliver a speech is what gains you more listeners. Unfortunately, there are a lot of speakers who are denied attention because of lack of confidence in their speech delivery. Debating helps you build confidence and reach great heights. It happens because your faith tells you how sure you are about what you say. Debating also eradicates the fear which you have while expressing yourself amongst friends or strangers.

Each of these elements mentioned above has its role in learning English. What matters is how we take these roles at hand and work for the same. Every human being is different in their respective spheres. Some may be good readers with great vocabulary, but they hesitate when expressing their ideas to friends or colleagues. There might be a different problem with other people. Adopting this skill of debating would help them ace their learning process and make good use of it in their conversation.

This is why Spoken English courses includes debating in their course structure. However, students opting for English classes online should choose that Spoken English course with debate as a part of the study plan.

They should actively participate in the debating activities at school and colleges to learn the art of speaking in public. You will be pleased to know that a person who debates well can have a very successful career because of the well developed thought structure.

Moreover, they can analyze things better and give better suggestions when making important decisions in the workplace.

Many times, your arguments would not sound satisfactory enough to the opponent, which means that they would not be correct. This will teach you to realize your mistakes and adopt a positive attitude towards constructive criticism. No one is omniscient in this world, so it is natural to be wrong sometimes.



Debating will be the best activity you do to learn English. It will help you in every possible way to be a proficient English speaker. So, all you need to do is enroll in a Spoken English course which teaches debating skills too. Taking these courses not only helps you learn to speak English, but also shapes your personality.

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