How Can You Gain Fluency in English?

Owing to the growing fame of the English language and the diverse set of opportunities that this language brings for people to excel in their respective professional careers, it has become a trend to learn English. Now, making this into a real-time experience is something that people strive to attain. To make your learning easy and effective, I have tried to give you a concise plan to ace your learning journey by sharing these easy tips to gain fluency in English.


1. Vocabulary Enhancement

The first and foremost thing for speaking in English is to equip yourself with the most important weapon that can give voice to your thoughts i.e words in your memory. Lack of vocabulary often makes you under confident. So, to avoid all such constraints, you can learn new words daily and try using them in your daily life. These words can even help you to express yourself better. Now you can learn these words reading books or newspapers, or you can read the Word of the day at awalenglish.com to enrich your vocabulary.


2. Grammar Concepts

We often make grammatical mistakes while speaking English which decelerate our learning. To avoid such problems, the best way is to identify those sections of grammar that create a problem for you. After successful identification, go through all those concepts and try working on them. This way, you can do away with all such problems and nothing would hinder your learning process.

Train yourself with a new grammar concept every day and make yourself more skilled at using them correctly. This will help you a lot and foster your learning pace.


3. Podcasts

To improve your speaking skills, you need to improve your listening skills first. One of the best ways to refine your listening skills is listening of podcasts. This can be done quite easily online on different platforms across the internet. So, start listening to podcasts of your choice to make yourself better. Moreover, it is seen that if you find something interesting, you continue doing it regularly. This is what you need to do, make a habit of listening to podcasts of your interest for around 10-12 minutes every day, and the change will be visible.

Furthermore, to add something more to your list and make your listening practice more productive you can also listen to sports commentaries in English.


4. Learn from the best YouTube Channel

As far as the concepts are concerned, there are several YouTube channels, but not every channel is the best where you can find different English language concepts in detail easily. Look carefully for the best one and follow them to learn one lesson daily. Whatever you learn in the lesson, try speaking it loud and improve your pronunciation and spoken English.

Also, try to make your concepts more concrete as concepts are the base where the building of knowledge can be made strong. The same applies here too, we focus more on knowing everything faster which is why we lack the right approach and end up doing something irrelevant.


5. Get yourself a mentor

Practice without specific guidance can be worth it, but it will take you a lot of time to be fluent in English. So, to learn English fast and correctly, you should get yourself a mentor. Get proper guidance so that you can easily learn about your mistakes and weaknesses and rectify them in the right manner. You can enroll yourself in an Online Spoken English Course where you get a dedicated mentor to help you learn and understand the different concepts of the English language daily. The only need is to follow it regularly and you are halfway done to the goal of fluency in English.


6. Listen to Songs

You can improve your Spoken English by listening to English songs. There are a lot of benefits of listening to songs of which the most important one is the improvement in your pronunciation. Moreover, listening to songs attentively makes your learning easier because it is always said that “a good listener is a good speaker”.


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7. Practice with Friends and Family Members

Assume you have learned a skill and become acquainted with all the technicalities of that skill, but you don’t dare practice it. Will that work? No, right!

In the same way, just learning and listening are not enough, what is more, important is to speak. For that, you should practise Spoken English with your friends or family members and talk to them in English even during normal interactions. Believe me, this move can create wonders for you in your learning process.


8. Participate in Discussions

We are aware of how to speak a sentence, but because of the fear of uttering something wrong we stay back and decide to keep mum. This is something that is not going to work. Never miss an opportunity when you are given a chance to speak in front of an audience. Ignore the introvert in you and advance yourself by opening up to people and speaking more and more.


9. Take a Skill Test

Test yourself regularly to know how much knowledge you have procured and what is still needed to be gained. Nowadays, many online courses have quizzes to test your progress and monitor your learning. Get yourself subscribed to such courses and learn things more effectively.

There is no end to the list of ways to get into this drill. Begin with procuring vocabulary to help you in your learning journey and then you can progress towards what is called the listening practice be it through Podcasts, YouTube channels, or any other platforms. Last but not the least, practice speaking in English among your peers to make the work easier.

The only attention which you need while doing all these activities is consistency while going through the whole process. The key which would lead you to the desired fluency is the regularity you maintain in your practice.


Exercises for developing good speaking Skills

Now, most of you might complain about the fear attached to speaking among friends or while addressing a large audience. To overcome that fear, you can do the following English speaking exercises:


Breathing Exercise

You need to have a cool head and logical while speaking to others in English. So, take deep breaths to calm down before you indulge yourself in activities like public speaking or group discussions. This exercise will be quite suitable for your health too and help you tackle situations with a calm mind.


Tongue Twisters

Most of us have a mother tongue influence in our diction, which needs to be addressed, to correct that what one can do is practice tongue twisters which not only makes you adopt an English accent but also helps you to master your flow.



To add the last word to this, even though we have not been speaking English since childhood, being fluent in English is not a tough task. The only requirement is practice. This can be done at any point in life and more importantly by adopting just two important qualities which are discipline and hard work.

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