9 Tips to Become a Better Reader

Reading in English is easy and can be interesting if we read properly. There are various opinions about book reading. Many readers complain that it is hard to read effectively while some readers say that reading is a boring activity. Good readers consider reading as an exercise because this helps them to develop more cognitive skills, and knowledge required for day-to-day life. Reading effectively is a skill that anyone can acquire with little effort

If you are one of the struggling people looking to improve your reading, the tips below will surely help you. Remember, reading takes time for improvement, but you don’t need to worry, a few changes in your reading habits can make you an effective reader soon.

Read Regularly

To become a better reader, we must read regularly for some time. Our brain will be used to reading as we start reading for the first few days. It is hard to remain focused when you read for the first time. We must try to keep reading and imagine the story like a real incident. We get a better understanding of the story when we imagine the story’s background and characters.

Choose Appropriate Place

The most important thing to start reading is finding the right place to read. Make sure the place where you read is distraction-free. If there is any distraction at your place, it will shift your focus. If you do not have a distraction-free place then you can use headphones/earphones to stop any noise. Try to avoid reading in low light or very bright light. Reading in low or extra bright light can give stress to your eyes. Choose a firm and comfortable posture for reading, you need to stay in an active posture to read effectively. In short, find a place with no sound distraction, appropriate lighting, and sit comfortably.

Get a Book

There are millions of books, not every book is made for you to read. Every reader has a different sense of reading and every individual likes different genres. There is no right or wrong book. One group of readers may like detective stories while the other group may like to read love stories. The book market is full of choices, just choose what attracts you the most. The first book is one of the most important steps for everyone. The first book can either make you quit reading or become a good reader. I would suggest being careful in choosing the first book. You should read reviews on the internet about the books of your interest and choose wisely.

Know the Context

As you get your first book, start wondering about it. Look at the front page, the last page, front cover, and back cover of the book. Try to guess the story from the outside and then read the preface of the story. It is suggested to read each page of the book. Do not skip any pages with reading content. Read for one hour, go at your speed and try to understand the sentences.

Stop Talking To Yourself

Most of the readers have a habit of talking to themselves while reading. This is a bad habit for readers as this can put away your focus out of the book. As a beginner, we should not talk to ourselves while we read a book. This will keep us involved in the story.

Identify Your Characters

As you read a book, you will find many interesting characters. You must tag the characters as most powerful, most beautiful, most intelligent, tallest, smartest, etc. You can also relate a character to a real-life person, this will help you connect with the character. The more you connect, the better your understanding will become.

Don’t Read Too Much

Many beginners keep reading the same words, phrases, or sentences over and over again. This habit wastes time and does not result in better comprehension. I suggest not to read more than two times. Read carefully with full attention and if you do not understand anything then you may re-read for clarity. The sentences, words, and phrases are connected thus you need to focus and make sure to read for an hour at least.

Change Reading Rate

Many of us read slow and stick to that speed. To become an efficient reader, we need to change our reading speed as per the book or content. Never stay at the same pace/speed for all books and content. Go slow when you start to read and then keep increasing the speed. Reading speed will increase gradually as you start to follow this practice.

Reflect What You Read

Good readers always think about what they read and make a note of new words and phrases. Experienced readers reflect on what they liked, learned and want to know more about. This helps readers to make sense of a text, generates curiosity and motivates them to read more.

There are many different ways you can use reading books to improve your language skills. However, it is important to find the right books and methods that work best for you. Remember to choose books that suit your level of English and personal interests. Reading is interesting and fun. I hope you will follow the tips and become an efficient reader.

September 10, 2021

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