Phrasal Verbs Starting with “Break” and “Come”

Phrasal verbs are an integral part of Spoken English. One needs to learn about them and gain knowledge to be a fluent English speaker. All this will require a good vocabulary and disciplined practice to get better results.

Phrasal verbs can be easily learned when you understand their meanings, that’s why we are sharing phrasal verbs with you with their Hindi and English meanings. Also, to make your understanding better, we have also shared examples of all the phrasal verbs below.

 Phrasal Verbs with “Break”

Break, as we know, means to split something.

Let’s see some phrasal verbs with “break” and know about their meanings simultaneously.

1. Break Away


To escape from someone’s hold

किसी से बचना।


“The boy broke away from a group of teenagers,” said the police.

2. Break into


To enter someone’s house or a building forcefully.

किसी जगह पर ज़बरदस्ती प्रवेश करना।


The thieves broke into the house and ran away with all the precious jewels.

3. Break down


(of a machine or vehicle) stop working.

किसी चीज़ का काम करना बंद हो जाना।


My car broke down in the middle of the night, but thankfully, I got a lift.

4. Break up


To end a relationship.

किसी रिश्ते का टूट जाना या उसे खत्म करना।


My friend broke up with his girlfriend last Friday.

5. Break off


To stop talking suddenly.

अचानक बोलते बोलते रुक जाना।


The news anchor suddenly broke off and could not continue further.

6. Break through


Make or force one’s way through a barrier.

किसी तरह की रुकावट को हटाके अंदर आना।


He broke through the gate to meet her.

7. Break out


To escape.

बच के निकल जाना।


The notorious thief broke out of the jail last night.

8. Break open


To open something suddenly.

किसी चीज़ को अचानक से खोल देना।


The thieves broke open the locker and stole all the cash from the bank.

Now let’s shift our focus to our next verb which is “come”. Come means to get to a certain place.

Phrasal Verbs with “Come”

Let’s see what the phrasal verbs starting with “come” mean.

1. Come across


To meet someone or encounter something suddenly.

अचानक किसी से मिलना या किसी को देखना।


I came across many new species of birds in the Okhla bird sanctuary.

2. Come along


To accompany someone.

किसी के साथ जाना।


My family is coming along with me to Delhi to help me settle here.

3. Come round


To visit someone’s house.

किसी के घर पर जाना।


I am thinking of coming around to your place this morning.

4. Come back


To return to a place from somewhere.

वापस आना।


I was unacquainted with the new development of roads over here when I came back.

5. Come off


To succeed or to happen as per the plan

सफलता पाना या जैसी योजना बनाई हो सब वैसे ही होना।


We pitched before the investors, but the deal didn’t come off.

6. Come up


Some kind of problem or issue arise, especially unexpectedly

कोई तकलीफ़ या मुसीबत अचानक से आना।


Something has come up at work; I need to leave now.

7. Come out


Become known among others or emerge.

किसी तरह के रहस्य को खोलना।


It came out that he had been lying about his relationship with her.

8. Come by


Manage to acquire a particular thing.

किसी चीज़ को पाना।


Our team came by some good musical instruments at a very cheap rate in the market.

9. Come over


To be affected by a strange feeling suddenly.

किसी चीज़ की वजह से अजीब वव्हार करना।


I don’t know what came over me; I am very sorry for my behavior.

10. Come for


To arrive to arrest somebody.

किसी को गिरफ्तार करने के लिए आना।


The police came for him yesterday.

Phrasal verbs not only enhances your speaking skills, but also improves your writing skills. When you learn Phrasal verbs, you can refine your writing skills, be it professional writing or creative writing any other kind of skill set. To make yourself more acquainted with more such phrasal verbs, you should practise reading books of different genres and jot down different phrasal verbs that you come across. With that, you can get through all the difficulties and improve your speaking and writing skills.

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