Idioms and Phrases Related to Happiness

Happiness can also be termed as a state of joy. All of us want to be happy in some way or the other, be it by doing something that makes life interesting for us.

Now, when it comes to expressing that state in English we, being non-natives, don’t have an excellent vocabulary. To get rid of this problem and make you move one step ahead to become a fluent English speaker, I have put together some idioms and phrases related to happiness and to make it easy to understand, I have also shared these idioms and phrases with their meanings in Hindi and English.

Furthermore, you’ll also get to see some examples of these idioms and phrases, so that you practise well. We have 15 such idioms and phrases that are related to happiness.


1. As happy as a pig in the muck


To feel very happy and contended.

संतुष्ट एवम खुश रहना।


The school boys were as happy as a pig in the muck after having visited the water park this summer.


2. Many happy returns of the day


A lot of happiness might reach you this day.

ये दिन बार बार आए।


We wish you a very happy birthday dear many many happy returns of the day.


3. To strike a happy medium


To establish a balance between two extreme points.

दो बहुत ही अलग चीज़ों में संतुलन बनाना।


The panchayat tried its best to strike a happy medium and make things better between the two opposite parties fighting against each other for their rights.


4. Music to your ears


This is used when something you come to know makes you happy.

कोई ऐसे बात जो सुनके अच्छा लगे।


The news of my younger brother’s selection in the most reputed services in the Indian Government was like music to my ears.


5. Like a dog with two tails


A person who is very delighted.

ऐसा व्यक्ति जो बहुत ज्यादा खुश हो।


He was like a dog with two tails after getting a job in one of the most reputed companies.


6. Happy as a clam


Extremely Happy.

अत्यंत प्रसन्न एवम संतुष्ट।


My parents were happy as a clam after I cleared the exam with flying colours.


7. Happy little vegemite


A pleasant or joyful person, like a child.

एक बच्चे की तरह खुश रहना/होना।


Farhan sounds like a happy little vegemite even after he faced so many setbacks in life.


8. Walking on air


Feel very happy/ elated.

बहुत खुश होना।


It is pretty normal to walk on air after having cleared all the targets at the workplace on time.


9. On cloud nine


To be very happy.

खुश होना या बेहद प्रसन्न होना।


My brother was on cloud nine after getting into one of the most reputed colleges in India.


10. On the top of the world


To be very elated.

प्रसन्न होना।


The kid was on top of the world laughing with all his might after he found his favourite toy.


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11. Full of joys of spring


Full of joy.

खुशी से भरा हुआ।


The child came back home as he was full of the joys of spring.


12. Paint the town red


Hang out with joy.

खुशी से घूमना या बाहर घूमने जाना।


It has been a long time since we painted the town red, let’s do it this Sunday.


13. In the seventh heaven



सातवें आसमान पर होना या बहुत खुश होना।


He was in seventh heaven when he got the job offer.


14. Having a whale of a time


Have a very sweet time.

एक खुशी भरा वक्त बिताना।


The baby is having a whale of a time sleeping for hours without any stress.


15. Feast your eyes on


To see something which mesmerizes one.

आखों के लिए एक दावत होना।


To see these beautiful mountains here in Himachal Pradesh is like feasting on our own eyes.



Now when we start learning English we always think of new ways of giving words to a thought that comes to our mind and that is how we grow and learn in the process. This is where the learning of new words and phrases would come to your aid and make it easier for you.

I hope the blog would help you in that process and make your explanation look quite reviving and pleasant.

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