English Idioms Related to Time

Time is the most precious gift rendered to us by the almighty. It teaches us many distinct lessons of life and equips us with experiences to deal with anything in our life.

Be it a didactic tale, or a saintly lecture what is added on a serious note is the value of time. We come to know many aspects of relative importance related to time by these wondrous lessons that are taught to us by our own life itself.

Do you know what brings us here to hail in the name of time? It’s the idioms that can help you to describe time while learning English.

This is the beauty of a language. A language encapsulates everything in a single entity and gives names to it for better discussion.

Down below are some idioms that can prove to be extremely beneficial for young learners to better express themselves while preaching time.

  1. Know something ahead of time


To know something before it happens.

किसी आने वाली चीज को पहले से जान जाना।


One can never know things ahead of time.

Ram pretends as if he knows everything ahead of time.

  1. Jump back in time


To move to an earlier point in time.

किसी पुराने समय में चले जाना।


The story shows the skill of the author to jump back in time.

Jumping back in time is important to introspect our past wrongdoings.

  1. Knock-off time


Time to leave or a time when you are done with all your work.

ऐसा समय जब आप अपने सारे काम को खत्म कर लेते हैं।


“All the team members should have done their work before the knock-off time,” said the team leader.

Never delay your work till the knock-off time.

  1. High time


It’s been a long time since we did it.

बहुत दिन हो गए हैं हमें ऐसा किए हुए।


It has been a high time since we met each other.

“It has been a high time since we have scheduled a team meeting,” said the boss.

  1. In the nick of time


At the eleventh hour, or doing something just at the last moment

किसी भी काम को तब करना जब उसकी डीडलाइन बहुत नजदीक हो।


The event was managed quite well even though all the preparations were done in the nick of time.

One should never start preparing for an exam in the nick of time or the consequences are very bad.

  1. Time flies


The fast and uncontrolled passage of time.

समय का जल्दी बीत जाना ।


Often I think of the good days when we were at school and had no stress in mind, one can’t imagine how time flies.

Gone are those days when we used to sit together and talk for long hours, see how time flies and make us remember the old days.

  1. Lost in the sands of time


Forgotten or a sudden slip off from the mind as the event occurred long back

किसी बहुत पुरानी बात को भूल जाना।


The school days which were full of fun and mirth are lost in the sands of time.

The principles of leading a good life are lost in the sands of time as corrupt practices overtake everything.

  1. Make up for the lost time


Some things which had to be done earlier.

किसी भी काम को जल्दी पूरा करना जो की पहले हो जाना चाहिए था।


Let’s ask the convenors to allow us to inculcate some volunteers for the quicker arrangement of the team event to make up for the lost time.

We need to work faster to complete the presentation to make up for the lost time.

  1. Legend in one’s own time


To be a hero in one’s generation, to be quite famous.

अपने समय में बहुत प्रसिद्ध होना।


Amitabh Bachchan was a legend in his own time and continues to be in the present.

APJ Abdul kalam was and is a legend of his own time well during his tenure as the President of India.

  1. Crunch time


A critical time, or a time where important decisions are to be taken

ऐसा समय जहा पर जल्दी कोई कदम उठाना बहुत जरूरी हो।


The opposite team won the game by making good efforts in crunch time.

It was help from a very unidentified source by which I could write the last answer correctly in the crunch time

  1. In one’s own sweet time


In one preferred time or desired time.

अपने अनुसार समय का चयन करना।


The higher authorities have scheduled a meeting in their own sweet time.

Please don’t take your own sweet time to complete your work.

  1. In the jig time


Very quickly

जल्दी से कोई काम करना ।


We completed all our work in a jig of time.

Never try to do any work in the jigs of time.

  1. Frozen in time


Not changing according to time and circumstances

समय के साथ नही बदलना।


The old generation never relies on modern customs and tradition, they are completely frozen in time.

It’s very bad to be frozen at a point in time and not move ahead with it.

  1. Beguile with time


To spend time pleasingly

समय को अच्छे से जीना या बिताना।


Even during the stressful periods at work, he tries to be Beguile with time

Being Beguile with time is an art, it’s not quite easy.

  1. A stitch in time


Proper attention

सही से ध्यान देना।


A regular stitch in time is required to introspect on all our wrong acts.

The correction of mistakes by our teachers is a stitch in time that helps us in our life.


We often see people preaching about the importance of time. Time, being one of the most precious things in the world, needs to be valued.  The above-mentioned idioms somehow explain the importance and value of time.

After learning new words or idioms, the normal tendency we possess is just to read it once and move on to something new, but what would help us is to use them in a conversation. 

This practice needs an apt environment where the discussions look to be more fruitful and creative. Nowadays finding such a type of environment is quite easy. Switch to Awal’s Gold course and make way for learning English easily.


August 28, 2022

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