Five Creative Ways to Learn English Online

Conventional methods do not prove to be beneficial for every learner. The changing trends of the world also apply to the current learning processes. Learning in the present time has become more inclined to interesting ways and innovative techniques.

Learning English, in the same stereotypical way is quite monotonous for new learners which results in dropping out in the middle of their learning process. Let’s transcend these stereotypical ways and know about some creative ways to learn English online.

Mentioned below are some creative ways by which learning English would be an activity full of fun for all learning enthusiasts.

1. Play Scrabble

Nothing can be more appealing than playing games and learning simultaneously. The pleasure attached to playing games helps you to keep going and thereby learn new things in the process.

Scrabble is one of them where one has to build words by putting the scattered alphabets in the right order. This can act as a better tool for hoarding words in your vocabulary list. Besides this, it gets you a good hold on your spellings and prevents you from making mistakes in real practice. Scrabbles can be easily accessed online. One can play scrabble in their leisure time. Scrabble can be very useful for kids as beginner learners of the English language.

2. Using Electronic Devices 

How mesmerized do we feel when we see advertisements of small kids talking to Alexa devices! Don’t you think it can help you in filling the void of a companion which you always want for an active conversation? Buy an Alexa device for yourself and set the language of your Google Alexa device to English and start interacting by giving commands to accomplish tasks like ‘Please set an Alarm’ or ‘Please switch on the A.C’ etc. Speaking sentences like this gives you a good practice of simple sentences and help you to learn English more creatively. Moreover, you can also look for asking Alexa devices to recite a story which can act as a very sound listening practice for you.

3. Describe a Picture

Describing a picture in your way is another very creative way of learning English.

There are many cartoons or scenery posts available online on different social media handles or websites. These pictures and posts can give you a better opportunity to express your thoughts in English. Give voice to your thoughts on a desired picture in front of a mirror. This is a very sound practice to speak English for all beginners as well as advanced learners. Learning English means acquiring both written and verbal fluency. It helps you to strengthen both of them at the same time. Moreover, one also attains a very excellent thinking ability by following this activity.

4. Imitating the Style of Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are very skilled at speaking fluent English due to their practice and their confidence in facing a larger mass of people. Listening to them on YouTube or live platforms gives you good exposure to distinct ideas on how to sound better in your conversations. We often tend to be confused with accents and different ways of speaking a sentence. One can learn all the suitable intonation and have a good flow while speaking English.

Moreover, motivational speakers keep a very interactive tonal quality which creates a good bond between them and their audience. You can learn this art quite easily and will find good results when you attend meetings or while presenting something at the office. Activities like these are quite easy and if we follow them it can make us learn English within a short period.

5. English Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy besides creating hilarious situations and releasing all the mental stress also teaches you a number of things. Often we listen to stand-up comedies in our native language but have you thought how good a result it would give if you listen to English Stand up comedy. 

Stand-up comedies can be used to learn the ways of demonstrating different kinds of emotion and eventually extract more and more advantages from it. 

In the learning phase, we find ourselves quite confined to books and try to mug up all the rules of Grammar which do not prove to be a better method altogether. The concept of learning is always associated with engrossment. While you listen to stand-up comedies in English you feel quite relaxed and find it interesting to learn English words more easily and concisely. Moreover, you learn good expressions and voice modulation techniques which play a significant role in speaking English. You can make notes too about the new words and phrasal verbs you learn while listening to comedians and recapitulate them later. 

Creativity attached to the learning process is always the best way to learn anything. This creativity should be inculcated by all the mentors and teachers who are training students on linguistic ground. It is through this creativity one learns things at a better speed and progresses in life. Activities like these attract everyone to indulge in the learning process and make them regain the hope of doing something extraordinary in their respective lives.


Ways and approaches are the elements that can rejuvenate your learning avidity. Whether it is learning English or any other skills, attach a sense of creativity to your learning process and you will find the whole purpose of learning to be turning into a big success.

Assuming that you have understood the importance of learning English creatively, I recommend you to get yourself subscribed to an  Online Spoken English Course  where lessons are designed in a very creative way to ace your learning.


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