Common Misconceptions about Learning English

Misconceptions likely arise in someone’s mind when they start learning a foreign language or anything new in life. Many new English learners also go through the same misconceptions and make false interpretations in their minds which affects their learning process quite badly.

This is why most learners give up during their learning journey. Let’s know about some of those misconceptions which people normally possess in their English learning journey.

Inscribed below are some common misconceptions that people have during their learning journey.

1. Learning English is Difficult

Most non-natives prefer not to learn English because they assume it to be difficult. This notion gives a wrong message to your subconscious mind which eventually stops you from learning English properly.

In reality, it’s nothing like that. Learning English can be fun and easy if it’s learned with a positive approach. It is our belief that we think of it as difficult. English, like your native language, is also a language. However, when you do not practice it regularly, it takes time to understand the different concepts . Learn to act wise and accelerate your learning by adopting the right strategies. Success will come with time.

2. Learning English is Time Consuming

Another very important misconception that people should erase from their minds is that learning English is very time consuming.

It all depends on your retention power. The more you retain, the faster you will be able to learn. When all the fingers in our hands are not the same then how can every human being be? Everyone learns at his or her own pace and has to face distinct challenges in their learning process. So, you need to make sure that your approaches are better while you are learning.

All such wrong interpretations will be eradicated from your mind and hindrances will never come your way when you learn in that manner.

3. English Can Never Be Learned Online

Many believers of orthodox learning techniques and methods misinterpret that English can never be learned online. Nowadays, due to advancements in technology and a drastic change in learning methodology after COVID-19 Pandemic, learning online has become more popular than going for offline sessions.

Nowadays there are award-winning online courses that have been training a large number of people on an online platform. For example: Awal’s spoken English course that is available on our website awalenglish.com and has been awarded as the best online course of the year 2021.

Don’t fall into wrong notions made by people, try to experience things yourself and then make up your mind.

4. Learning the English Language’s Basics is Futile

Many learners think, learning English from the basics will do them no good because they already know it all. Their primary concern is that learning the basics of the English language is completely a waste of time.

What needs to be kept in mind is that every course or learning process has a stage or level that one needs to clear without a miss.

Basics are the staircase to reach to the advanced level and it is the basics that should be quite clear in your mind before you enter the advanced level. Though you think that you have a good knowledge of the basics, you should go through the course systematically. It will enhance your understanding and help you deal with the advanced learning spectrum.

5. Need to Memorize All the Grammar Rules

Yes, grammar is important for learning English but simply parroting things up will not help. It is through the applications of those rules that you will get to know about them and their structure. We can learn grammar rules practically by reading books and using Spoken English in our daily life. It will prove to be more beneficial than sitting with a grammar book and memorizing stuff.

Try to understand things in life, do not rely on methods used by inexperienced people or you will always be misled and the incapability to learn would stay with you forever.

Inexperienced people always spread wrong information among the new learners. It is because of them they develop wrong interpretations and abide by wrong strategies to advance their learning. Whoever is a beginner or learning enthusiast should never invest time in such misconceptions which are irrelevant in nature.

In this age of renaissance, one should reason their point of view before accepting it as a truth or reality.


Misconceptions and wrong interpretations are a serious waste of time. They deviate us from the actual path and decelerate our learning process. It is due to such wrong notions our mind loses interest leading to a complete mess of our thoughts and ideas.

Instead of wasting your time on some wrong interpretations, a person should have a persevering and laborious attitude towards achieving your desired goals. Yes, learning new things takes time, but it will lead to better results also if you have a positive attitude.

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