8 Best Ways to Learn New Words in English

Learning new words in English ek bahut hi common issue hai aajkal. This is because many people wish to speak this language fluently. Par kyunki unko kam words ki awareness hoti hai, isliye woh confident feel nahi karte English main zyada baat karne mein. Bahut saare professionals bhi ye problem face karte hai at their workplaces. Writing reports, proposals, and projects can be complicated if you do not know the latest words used in your industry. The best way to learn words and definitions in English vocabulary is to memorize them. Iske sath you can also refer to the points given below for learning new words daily


1. Slow & Steady Wins the Race 

It is very easy to learn new words in English and remember them if you take some time with this task. Aisa zaruri nahi hai ki aap ek din mein bahut saare English words and unke meanings seekh jaenge. In fact, dheere dheere new words ko apni daily speaking and writing skills mein incorporate karna ek acha tarika hai iss language mein confident hone ka. Agar aap ek saath bahut saare new words padhenge toh ho sakta hai ki aap confuse ho jayein. Also, you will not be able to memorize them so quickly. Hence, it is suggested to take this process in a slow and steady manner. 


2. Simple Words se Start Karein 

If you look for vocabulary memorization techniques on the internet, the one thing that will be common in all of them is to focus on simple words. Shuruwat main hi agar aap bahut tough words ko memorize karne ki koshish karenge, toh aap ke liye ye journey mushkil ban jaegi. So, it is the best way to memorize simple English words and improve your vocabulary. Na hi aap ko self-doubt jaisi feelings aengi aur na hi aap ka interest kam hoga English language ko better karne mein. When you feel confident in using simple words of English, then you can learn the tougher ones as well. 


3. Online Dictionary Ki Help Lein 

Aaj se ek decade pehle, the best way to learn words in English was with the help of Thesaurus and other dictionaries found in public libraries and book stores. But aajkal internet ka zamana hai toh aap ko kahin par jaake new English words ke meanings dhoondne nahi padenge. Online dictionaries aap ko free mein English words and definition bata sakti hein, with just a click on your mobile or laptop! Ye ek bahut hi efficient way hai new words ko samajh ne ka in a very short span of time. Aap new words ke meanings apne computer ya phone par save bhi kar sakte in case you want to refer to them later on. 


4. Use New Words Daily 

When you get accustomed to learning new words every day, it is time to use them as well. Yehi tareeka hai apni English improve karna kyuki aap new words ko sahi way main use karna samajh paenge. Warna sirf meanings yaad rakh kar aap real life usage nahi samajh paenge. Isi liye ye recommend kara jata hai ki aap new words ko sentences main use karien while speaking and writing in English. Maybe starting main aap ko comfortable feel na ho, but eventually aap new words ko apne daily speaking and writing routine main la paenge. 


5. Go for Easy-to-Read Books 

Jab aap determined hai new English words daily learn karne ke liye, toh ye bahut zaruri hai ki aap apni reading habit ko enhance karien. Without reading English books, it can be very tough to understand words used in this language across the world. But it is also important to remember that only easy-to-read books are helpful for you in the beginning. Magazines, tea-time novels, comics, etc., are the best tools to learn new words and their meanings without burdening yourself. While reading an English book, you can underline words that you do not understand and then check their meanings. This will also help you to go through the same words in case you forget their definitions later on. 


6. Play Word Games 

A lot of people have a similar query, i.e, how to remember vocabulary words fast? Aajkal bahut saari word games develop ho gayi hai jisse aap new words easily memorize kar sakte hai. Most of these games are online, so you can download them on your smartphone for free. Jab aap ek word game khelenge toh aap ko apne opponent ke likhe hue words bhi help karenge apni vocabulary strong karne mein. Kuch games aisi bhi hai jisme aap ko words ke meanings bhi bataye jaenge, so you will be able to memorize them very quickly. 


7. Har Word ko Visualize Karein 

If you are wondering about how to learn new words in English even now, then it is best to visualize them in your mind. Iska matlab ye hai ki aap agar koi new word ko padhte ya sunte hai, toh usko apne dimag mein imagine kariye. Ye ek bahut hi tried-and-tested way hai English words and unke meanings ko co-relate karne ka. Imagine aap ne ek new word discover kara, toh uski image apne dimag mein yaad karlein. Fir jab aap next time ussi word ko padhenge ya sunege, tab aap immediately usko apne mind mein la paenge. 


8. Note Down New Words 

There can be certain situations in your life when you want to know how to memorize words in one night and improve your English vocabulary. Chaahe woh aap job interview ki preparation mein kar rahe ho ya fir koi personal event ke liye. Waise toh aap kaafi new words ek din mein seekh sakte hai, par apne aap ko pressure mein matt daaliye. A few new words can also help in improving your vocabulary. A good habit is to note down all new words along with their meanings. This will help you in memorizing them in a very efficient way.  

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