25 Weather Related English Idioms to Learn English 

A desire always resides in most of us to describe beautiful or harsh weather conditions but owing to the loss of suitable vocabulary one has to take a step back. Let’s do away with this problem and explore something new by acquiring some knowledge about idioms relating to weather conditions.

Given below are 25 idioms that will act as a knowledge booster for your English vocabulary and make you capable of expressing yourself better.

There are different kinds of weather conditions which we see around us. Let us know about suitable idioms which can describe certain instances quite prolifically.

1. Rain cats and dogs


We use this idiom when it rains quite heavily.

मूसलाधार बारिश होना।


It is raining cats and dogs, so we can’t go out.

2. Be as right as rain


To be completely fit and well

तन्दुरस्त होना।


I’ll be as right as rain in a few days.

3. Save for a rainy day


To save some money in case a serious problem arise in future

बुरे वक्त के लिए पैसे बचाना।


I will not spend all my salary on buying home appliances, I will save some for a rainy day.

4. Rain on someone’s parade


To spoil one’s plan.

किसी का योजना विफल करना।


I don’t wish to rain on your parade, but the coming days are going to be very harsh.

5. Come rain or shine


A referral to a determination to achieve something irrespective of the odd situation.

निरंतर मेहनत करना चाहे कोई भी परेशानी आए।


He is fully determined to win the marathon, come rain or shine.

6. A day in the sun


A time of glory.

बहुत खुशी का दिन। ऐसा दिन जिसमे सब कुछ बहुत अच्छा हो रहा हो।


The team won eight prizes back to back; they truly had a day in the sun.

7. Make hay while the sun shines


To celebrate good fortunes till it ends

The word hay refers to happiness in this place.

Sometimes the sunny days are quite pleasant and bring good vibes.

मौके का फायदा उठाओ। खुश रहो जब तक सब कुछ अच्छा चल रहा है।


We are on vacation, so let’s make hay while the sun shines.

8. Go to bed with the sun


To go to sleep at sunset

देर से सोना।


During my initial days at work, I would often go to bed with the sun.

9. A place in the sun


A desirable or successful position

किसी अच्छी पोजीशन पर होना।


Cleaning civil services with a good rank gave him a place in the sun.

10. Chase Rainbows


To try to get something that you can’t get.

किसी ऐसी चीज़ के पीछे भागना जो आपको कभी मिल नहीं सकती।


He is trying to be an actor, and that’s why we suggest that he stop chasing rainbows.

11. Life is not about only rainbows and sunshine


It’s not that only good things happen in life.

जीवन में हमेशा खुशियां आए ऐसा जरूरी नहीं।


There are tough times that one needs to face so be prepared for times in life where there is no rainbow and sunshine.

12. Under the weather


Under the weather signifies that one is not in good health.

तबियत खराब होना।


He will not be able to catch up in the team meet as he is under the weather.

13. Fair-weather friend


A person whose friendship cannot be relied on in difficult times

ऐसा दोस्त जो सिर्फ अच्छे वक्त में साथ दे बुरे वक्त में नही।


Alex is a fair-weather friend for me because he was not there when I was going through tough times.

14. A cold day in July


An event that will never take place.

कोई ऐसा समय जो अकस्मात आया हो या अचानक से आया हो।


If that happens, it will be a cold day in July.

15. Way/Direction the wind blows


To learn about some information, especially others’ opinion before taking an action.

ऐसा इंसान जिसको हर चीज के बारे में पता हो।


Don’t underestimate a sailor’s knowledge because he knows which way the wind blows.

16. Throw caution to the wind


To act recklessly

जोखिम भरा काम करना।


He will probably throw caution to the wind if given a chance.

17. A storm is brewing


There is going to be a storm or trouble.

कुछ बुरा होने का समय या मूसलाधार बारिश होने का संकेत।


A severe storm is brewing and it feels as if it will pour heavily and flood the town.

18. Calm before the storm


A peaceful period before something destructive is about to happen.

तबाही से पहले होने वाले शान्ति।


This is just the calm before the storm.

19. Like the wind


Very quickly.

बहुत तेज़ी से।


He ran like the wind to save her.

20. Weather a storm


To succeed in dealing with a difficult situation or problem.

किसी मुश्किल काम में सफल हो जाना।


The people around the world weathered the storm during the pandemic.

21. On cloud nine


To be extremely happy.

बहुत खुश होना।


The boys were on cloud nine after clearing the civil services examination.

22. Have one’s heads in the clouds


To be impractical or not know the facts of a situation.

किसी परिस्थिति के बारे में कुछ न पता होना।


The freshers have their heads in the clouds while planning for events in the college.

23. A breath of fresh air


To experience something new.

कुछ नया होने का अनुभव करना।


Learning a foreign language is like experiencing a breath of fresh air.

24. Get wind of something


To get the information that someone was trying to hide from everyone.

किसी भी राज़ के बारे में जान जाना।


I think he’s got the wind of it.

25. Break the ice


To do or say something that make people comfortable while starting a conversation.

बातचीत को सरल बना देना।


I tried to break the ice when I met them.


The knowledge of these weather related idioms will help you describe a varsity of circumstances in an easy way. A language learner should also be well acquainted with such vocabulary and idioms to make the most of the learning.

When it comes to learning English, there are extensive idioms, phrases, and phrasal verbs to refuel your mind with new vocabulary.

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