10 Activities that Can Help You Practice Spoken English

Fluency in Spoken English is a matter of intense practice.
In the search for what mistakes we make in our learning process, we miss out on one of the most important aspects, which is practice.

Most of us, irrespective of our background, speak our native language quite fluently because we are adept at speaking it in our daily life conversations. The same does not happen when it comes to a foreign language because we lack a suitable companion with whom we can share our thoughts.

Let’s see how we can help ourselves practice Spoken English.

1. Talk to Yourself

No one can have a better companion to talk to than one’s self. A companion can understand you and your thoughts more precisely. Having said that, one should express their thoughts aloud with one’s self. Speak up random English sentences when you are alone and advance your arguments to things that you have in mind. Talking to yourself will be more conducive and will boost your confidence.

2. Comment on the Arguments Posed by News Anchors

Often the news anchors advance arguments that do not suit your mind or you do not agree with their point of view. Imagine them live, sitting in front of you, remark on their arguments in English, and keep an eye on the flow of expressions. Though it sounds weird, it is a good practice to express your ideas without any fear.
Activity of such sort can be very exciting and will make you comfortable with using the language anywhere anytime.

3. Keep Story Telling Hours for Your Kids

In ancient times, all the preachers used to guide their pupils with the help of a story. Extract ideas from your mind to convey moral learnings to your kids using a story. Continue with such kind of practice while practising Spoken English and make it a habit. It will improve your communication with time and you will find progressive growth in your thought structure too.

4. Praise Someone with Good Words

Develop a habit of speaking sentences in English to appreciate someone. Appreciation not only gives joy to the one being appreciated but also bestows you with good wishes. Praise your friends for their helpful behaviour, praise your colleagues for good teamwork, etc.
Practice using simple sentences which you can easily learn and use as and when required.
This activity is quite suitable for all beginners who have just started learning Spoken English. They will be benefitted the most as they will learn some English phrases to appreciate someone in their daily life.

5. Interact with Your Family Members

Get involved in interesting conversations with your family members in English. Talk to them about their day and tell them about yours. Use some stuff like jokes or riddles in English to make the conversation interesting. It will help you overcome your fear of using a foreign language like English in daily life conversations. This will help your family members to learn too at their own pace and improve their English speaking skills.

6. Use English in Normal interactions with Friends

Instead of using the native language with your friends, every learner should practice using English sentences in day-to-day life conversations like Please fetch me a glass of water, Please assist me with this, etc.
These normal interactions should be done by new learners regularly, especially those who are not aware of the hooks and crooks of the English Language. Moreover, it will lead you to brainstorm new ideas to tell different sentences in different ways and eventually learn something new in the process.

7. Tongue Twisters

English tongue twisters are a vivid description of interesting and playful learning activities at home and amongst friends. These tongue twisters train your tongue to speak and pronounce words more clearly and correct sounds when it comes to a real-time conversation. Tongue twisters are quite interesting and one should practice using tongue twisters with siblings and friends while learning English.

8. Share Important News in English

All of us read the newspaper daily. After reading newspapers or listening to news channels, we are occupied with many thoughts in our minds. Try discussing such thoughts with your friends or

Share the news with your loved ones in English and take part in discussions too while talking about such topics. As you are well read, you will never lack in ideas and speak sentences in a flow. As a result, your fluency in English will enhance as well as your vocabulary.

9. Use English while Chatting on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are a part of our daily life. Using these platforms for practice can help you to speak English too. We often send messages to people in Hindi or Hinglish. What if we do that in English?
Instead of typing something in Hindi, send voice notes in English to your friends and ask for their feedback to improve your accent and sentence formation. A mere invisible interaction can teach you to be good at a foreign language with just a click of a button.

10. Participate in English Quizzes

There are different ways to participate in the English quiz activity. It will help you clear your doubts regarding the grammar topics as well as the formation of the sentence structure. This is how you can progress and become a fluent English speaker.


“Practice makes perfect.” we all know that, but ask yourself today; have you accepted it as a mandate or just took it casually? We often make excuses in the name of lack of time and being overburdened with work and so on, but these are all escapes to prevent oneself from practice.

Practising Spoken English will be very fruitful when done under guidance. It will make your practice bear better results and present your ideas in a more arranged manner.

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