Subject-Verb Agreement Part – 8

Audio of subject-verb agreement:-

Can or could use

If you want to tell anyone what can you do. It Could be a past form.

  • I can do this.
  • Mai kar sakta hu.
  • I could do this.
  • Mai ye kar sakta hu.
  • Can l help you?
  • Kya mai aapki madat kar sakta hun.
  • Could I help you? (Could is polite)
  • Kya mai aapki madat kar sakta hu.
  • Money can buy everything.
  • Paisa sab khuch khareed sakta hai.
  • No one can live forever.
  • Koi bhi humesha Zinda nahi reh sakta.
  • No one can do two things at once.
  • Koi bhi insaan doo kaam ek saath nahi kar sakta.
  • He can help you.
  • Wo tumhari madat kar sakta hai.


  • Can you stop?
  • Kya tum ruk sakte ho?
    Can you call after some time?
  • Kya tum mujhe thodi der baad call kar sakte ho.
  • I can not talk to you
  • Mai tumhare sath baat nahi kar sakta.
  • He can’t lift this dumble.
  • Wo iss dumble ko nahi utha sakta.
  • We can’t let you go
  • Hum tumhe Jane nahi de sakte.
  • We could lunch early.
  • Hum lunch jaldi kar sakte hain.
  • If I were there I could help you.
  • Agar mai waha hota to mai aapki help kar sakta tha.
  • If the bell rang early we could go.
  • Agar chutti ho jaati to hum Jaa sakte thee.
  • He was so scared that he could not move.
  • Wo itna Darr Gaya tha ke wo hil bhi nahi saka.
  • Could I go out?
  • Kya mai bahar ja sakta hu?

Agar could hum permission ke liye use karte hai to wo can ki 1st form use karte hai.isme question se jyada request ki feeling hoti hai.

  • Could you help me?
  • Kya tum meri madat kar sakte ho?

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