Subject Verb Agreement Part – 6

Podcast of Subject Verb Agreement


Any kind of sentence linking verb or helping verb is a minor difference that linking verb connects noun or adjective but helping verb will connect to a noun. The helping verb comes with action. linking verb comes with noun or adjective.


  • Mai ja raha hu.
  • I am going. (am linking verb)
  • Mai smart hu
  • I am smart. (smart is an adjective its quality& am is linking verb)

Auxiliary is divided into two parts:-

  1. Primary auxiliary
  2. Model auxiliary

Primary auxiliary-
They are divided into three parts do, we, or have, do, does, or did is a part of we. Is, am, are, was, were is a part of, has, have, or had.


  • Wo kaam kar raha hai.
  • He is doing work.
  • Praveen and Gaurav are sitting
  • You are sitting
  • I am standing

These are examples of we. Now let’s see the example of do. Do is using for negative or interrogative sentences.


  • I do not help you.
  • You do not help me
  • They do not help me
  • We do not help each other
  • She does not help me.
  • He does not help me.
  • Mohan does not sit properly.

Anything you want to use I, we, you, they, and use with a lot of names. he, she, it, or anyone name using does. did is using for past.


  • He did not go there
  • Vo waha nahi gaya
  • We did not do it

Now talk about have, has, or had. We use had for past and you can use any place or any sentence.


  • We had helped you.
  • Humne tumhari help ki thi
  • They had helped you.
  • Unhone tumhari help ki thi.
  • You had stolen my book.
  • Tumne meri book churai thii
  • I had seen that.
  • Maine wo dekha tha.

Has or have, we use to have for above than one name or we use has for one thing or name.


  • Praveen has helped many people
  • Praveen ne bhut logo ki help ki hai.
  • Praveen has done many mistakes.
  • Praveen ne bhut sari mistakes ki hai.
  • You have helped him.
  • Tumne uski madat ki hai.

Has, have had, is, am, are, was, were used by we already use in tenses.

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March 11, 2022

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