Subject Verb Agreement Part – 4


Jab kisi bhi sentence mein do kaam likhne ho ya to dono kaam ek saath ho rahe ho ya pehla khatam hua aur dusra shuru tab hum participle ka use karte hai.

There are three types of participle:-

  1. Present participle
  2. Perfect participle
  3. Past participle

Present participle

A participial form of verbs is used adjectivally when the action it describes is contemporaneous with that of the main verb of a sentence and also used in the formation of certain compound tenses. In English, this form ends in -ing


  • Mai khana khate khate tv dekhta hu.
  • I watch tv while having food.
  • Mai dodte dodte thak gaya.
  • I got tired of running.
  • Wo sote sote baat Karta hai
  • He talks while sleeping.
  • Wo sote sote chalane laga
  • He started walking while sleeping.walking (gerund)
    Or he started to walk. (Is also right)

Perfect participle

Jab koi kaam pahle khatam ho gaya hai aur dusra shuru hua hai tab hum perfect participle ka use karte hai.


  • Mai naha kar office jaunga
  • I will go to the office after having a bath.(have +ing compulsory)
  • Gussa ho kar chala gaya
  • Having got angry he went away.
  • Wo padh kar so gaya.
  • Having finished study slept.
  • Wo padhte padhte so gaya
  • He slept while sleeping.

Past participle

Ise use karne ke liye ye chiz samjhni hogi hum kisi bhi cheez ke aage koi word lagate hai to wo uski quality hoti hai.action+3rd form use kare.

Brown cookies here brown is an adjective.


  • Siki hui cookies.
  • Baked cookies.
  • Usne apna toota hua phone mujhe dikhaya.
  • He showed me his broken phone.
  • Wo mujhe jali hui gaadi dikhane le gaya
  • He took me to show me the burnt car.

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