Subject Verb Agreement Part – 2

Podcast of subject-verb arrangement

Nonfinite verbs

There are three types of non-finite verbs:-

  1. Infinitive.
  2. Gerund.
  3. Participle


The infinitive is the basic dictionary form of a verb, usually preceded by to. Thus to go is an infinitive.

Infinitive meaning in Hindi- ‘na’


  • Mujhe khana khana (acha nahi lagta- action)
  • I don’t like to eat food
  • Khana- (name)
  • Acha nahi lagta-action
  • Mujhe Sona acha lagta hai
  • I like to sleep.
  • Mai khana khane ke liye ruk gaya.
  • He stopped to eat.
  • Wo mujhe dekhne ke liye ruk gaya.
  • He stopped to see me.
  • (Here dekhne ke liye is a name)


Gerund and infinity are quite similar it’s both are verbs but their work is different it’s used as a noun. If we wanna use gerund verb+ing not an infinitive to +verb1st form. The gerund is used in verb and added ‘ing’.Na is used and its name!


  • Wo so Raha hai
  • So Raha is (action)
  • Mai Sona chahta hu is noun
  • I want to sleep – to sleep is (infinitive)
  • Smoking is a bad habit.
  • Smoking ek buri aadat hai.
  • Drinking is injurious to health
  • Drinking health ke liye hanikarak hai
  • Mai drink Karta hu-(action)
  • I drink.


A participle is used as an adjective or an adverb. There are two types of the participle in English: the past and present participles. If we put two actions in one sentence is called Participle.

The present participle also takes the – Verb + ing form: (e.g., writing, singing, and raising).

The past participle typically appears like the past tense, but some have different forms: (e.g., written, sung, and raised)


  • Usne mujhe cheating karte hue pakad liya.
  • He caught me cheating.
  • Mai sote sote chal raha tha.
  • And me ta aa raha hai
  • Mai office me chala gaya.

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