Subject Verb Agreement – Part – 1

Podcast of Subject Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement:- It is a crucial part of spotting errors, if anyone knows it is a better way then most of the sentences will be correct. subject-verb agreement. some people don’t know there is an agreement between subject and verb. In a sentence, the verb is there but the subject is also their subject is singular then the verb is also singular or if the subject is plural then the verb is also plural.
But one thing in your mind is the subject if we put s or es then the subject will be plural. if we put s or es in the verb then the verb will be singular. Basically, it’s opposite each other. If I said Man (ek aadmi) if a man is singular then the verb is also singular remember one thing verb is singular when we use verb is also singular.

  • A man walks on the floor
  • Aadmi chalta hai floor par.
  • आदमी चलता है फ्लोर पर|

We can say Verb is singular when you put ‘s’ or ‘es’ in a sentence.

  • Walk – plural
  • Walks – Singular

If a subject is singular then the verb is also singular, if the verb is plural then the verb is also plural.
Do you know how many types of verbs? how many parts, how to find verbs, helping verb or normal verb me kya difference hai, do you know how we make subject from different types
Noun, pronoun, adjective, verb ye sab kya hai.

First, we talk about the verb:-
A verb is a part of that sentence, without a verb you can’t make a sentence. If you take a little sentence there also you will find a verb.
First, you need to learn verbs then jump to the subject.

Verb are mainly two types:-
1. Finite verb
2. Non-finite verb

Here you find in Hindi khana,Sona,peena it’s look like action but Inka naam action hai koi action kar nahi Raha hai.koi naha raha hai isme nahana naam hai keval us activity ka ,action ka koi bi krta hai,
Sota hai, so Raha hai, soya hua hai it’s action,so jayega it’s a part of non-finite. Non-finite has three parts or finite verbs have five parts.

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