Spotting errors for SSC tenses – Part 6

Podcast of Spotting errors for SSC tenses

How to use Could and where we can use could?

Could be used for possibility, possibility means maybe it could be possible in the future. we use can to show our ability. could use to show the past ability. When we need to show the ability of the past then we use could have. if we want to take permission then we use can but if we use could in place of can it looks so polite when we talk to anyone. It can basically sound impolite. In present conditional sentences, we also use could.


  • He could meet you today.
  • Wo aaj tumse mil sakta tha.
  • She could sing well in her child.
  • Wo bachpan mein acha gana gaati thii.
  • He could have called you yesterday.
  • Wo tumhe kal call kar sakta hai.
  • Could you please pass the mobile charger?
  • Please kya tum mujhe charger pass kar doge?
  • Could I have your pen?
  • Kya mai tumhara pen le sakta hu?
  • You could buy a phone.
  • Tum phone khareed sakte ho.
  • You could buy the phone.
  • Kaash mai miss India contest Jeet sakti.
  • I wish I could win the Miss India contest.
  • If you buy a lottery ticket you could win the car.
  • Agar tum lottery ticket khareedte ho toh tum car Jeet sakte ho.
  • If you had lunch listened to your father you could save your money.
  • Agar tumne apne papa ki baad suni hoti toh tum paise bacha sakte thee.
  • Could you sit here?
  • kya tum yha baith sakte ho?
  • Could you tell me about your family?
  • kya tum apni family ke baare mein bata sakte ho?
  • Could you help me to find this?
  • kya tum mujhe apna face dikha sakte ho?

We hope you understand the use of could. if you have any doubt you can raise your question also in the comment section.

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