Spotting errors for SSC tenses – Part 4

Podcast of Spotting errors for SSC tenses

Perfect continuous:- Perfect+continuous – job kamm pehle ho chuka hai+jo kaam chal raha hai basically jo kaam pehle hua aur chalta raha.

Present perfect continuous:-
Jo past me kaam hua aur chalta raha. Rule:- Subject + Verb mein Has been ya have been + ing +object.

Past perfect continuous:-
Us time se uss time tak; Rule:- Subject + verb mein Had been +ing +object.

Future perfect continuous:-
Jab hum batate hai ye kaam past mein bhi shuru hua ho sakta hai,present mein bhi lekin future mein chal raha hoga. Rule:- Subject +Verb mein Will have been + ing + object

Present perfect continuous:-


  • Wo dopahar se so Rahi hai.
  • She has been sleeping since the afternoon.
  • Mai ek baje se daurr raha hu.
  • I have been running for one hour.
  • Mai char ghante se tumhara intezar kar raha hu.
  • I have been running waiting for you for four hours.
  • Kya wo kal se kaam kar rahe hai.
  • Have they been working since yesterday?
  • Kya wo tumse Monday se baat nahi kar rahi hai?
  • Has she not been talking to you since Monday?

Past perfect continuous:-


  • Mere mana karne se pehle wo char ghante se tv dekh rahi hai
  • She had been watching tv since 4 p.m.
  • Lockdown se pehle kya tumhare boutique ko profit nahi ho rahe thee jab se tumne usko khola tha?
  • Had your boutique not been making a profit since you opened it before lockdown?

Future perfect continuous:-


  • Aath baje mujhe kaam karte hue char ghante ho jayenge
  • At eight p.m I will have been working for four hours.
  • Ek ghante baad wo panch baje se wo padh raha hoga.
  • After one hour he will have been studying for five hours.
  • Mujhe kaam karte karte barah ghante ho jayenge.
  • I will have been working for twelve hours.

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