Spotting errors for SSC tenses – Part 3

Podcast of Spotting errors for SSC tenses

Perfect tenses are three types:-

  1. Present perfect – jo recently hua hai.
  2. Past perfect – ho chuka tha.
  3. Future perfect – ho chuka hoga.

Present perfect:-

He, she, it or any name we use ‘has’ and I, we, they, you, or two or more names than we use ‘have’.


  • Wo apna homework kar chuka hai to use TV dekhne do.
  • He has finished his homework let him watch TV.
  • Mai office se nikal chuka hu mai 5 baje tak wha hounga.
  • I have left the office, I will be there at 5 o’clock.

Interrogative or negative:-

  • Wo abi tak party tak nahi aayi hai.
  • She has not come to the party yet.
  • Unhone gym join nahi Kiya hai.
  • They have not joined the gym.
  • Kya tumne white lion dekha hai.
  • Have you ever seen a white lion?
  • Kya kavita school ja chuki hai.
  • Has Kavita gone to school?
  • Kya kavita ne abhi tak resturant band nahi kiya hai.
  • Has not he closed the restaurant yet?
  • Kya tumhare liye gift nahi laye hai?
  • Have they not brought gifts for you?

Future perfect:-


  • Hum ek baje tak lunch kar sakte hai tab tak mai apni meeting khatam kar chuka hounga.
  • We can have lunch at 1p.m I will have finished my meeting then.
  • Tum 20mnts ke baad match dekh sakte ho tab tak mai news sun chuka hounga.
  • You can watch your match after 20mnts by then I will have listened to the news.

Interrogative or negative:-

  • Wo 5 baje tak use theek nahi kar chuka hoga.
  • He will not have repaired by 5p.m
  • Raju ne shaam tak email nahi bheji hogi.
  • Raju will not have sent any mail by evening.
  • Kya tum 5 baje tak upload theek kar chuke hoge?
  • Will you have repaired the laptop by 5p.m?
  • Kya wo kal morning tak meri email dekh chuka hoga?
  • Will he have seen my email tomorrow morning?
  • Kya hum raat se pehle nahi nikal chuka hoga?
  • Will we have not left our home before tonight?

Past perfect:-


  • Jab Sara party mein phuchi tab Arjun pehle hi ja chuka tha.
  • Arjun had already gone home when Sara arrived at the party.

Interrogative or negative

  • Jab usne mujhse phucha maine koi bhi article nahi likha tha.
  • I had not written an article when he asked me.
  • Program me gaane se pehle usne gaane ka abhyas nahi kiya tha .
  • He had not practiced the song before he sang in the program.
  • Kya tum apna lunch khatam kar chuke thee jab usne tumhe bulaya.
  • Had you finished your lunch when he called you?
  • Kya wo tumse iss party mein nahi mil chuka tha?
  • Had he not met you before the party?

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