Spotting errors for SSC tenses – Part 2

Podcast of Spotting errors for SSC tenses

Continuous tense:-
Continuous means lagatar.

  1. Present continuous – kaam chal raha hai
  2. Past continuous – kaam chal raha tha
  3. Future continuous – kaam chal raha hoga.

Present continuous- subject+is/am/are+verb mein ing+object

Examples of present continuous-

  • Wo padh raha hai.
  • He is reading.
  • Mai mandir Jaa Raha hu.
  • I am going to the temple.
  • Wo park mein badminton khel rahe hai.
  • They are playing badminton in the park.
  • Wo gaane nahi sun rahi hai.
  • She is not listening to the song.

Interrogative or negative

  • Wo ganne nahi sun rahi.
  • She is not listening to songs.
  • Kya mai bahut jyada questions phuch Rahi hu.
  • Am I asking too many questions?
  • Kya batche bed par kud rahe hai?
  • Are the children jumping on the bed?

Past continuous – subject+was/were+verb mein ing+object.

Examples of past continuous:-

  • Hum tumpe hass rahe thee
  • We were laughing at you.
  • Mai bike chala raha tha jab tumne call Kiya.
  • I was riding a bike when you called me.

Interrogative or negative

  • Kya wo kutta tumhare piche bhag raha tha?
  • Was the running dog after you?
  • Kya wo AC theek nahi kar rahe thee?
  • Wasn’t they repairing AC?

Future continuous – subject+willbe/shall be+ verb mein ing +object.

Examples of past continuous:-

  • wo kaam kar raha hoga.
  • He will be doing work.
  • Baby dopahar mein so Raha hoga.
  • The baby will be sleeping in the afternoon.
  • Kal hum iss manch par perform kar rahe hoge.
  • At this time Tomorrow We will be performing on the stage.

Interrogative or negative

  • Wo khana nahi kha raha hoga.
  • He will be not having dinner.
  • Mai aath baje news nahi dekh raha hounga.
  • I will not be watching the news at 8p.m
  • Kya tum kal iss time India’Jaa rahe hoge?
  • Will you be going to India at this time Tomorrow?
  • Kya wo kal exam de rahi hogi?
  • Will be they taking the exam?
  • Kya hum uski marriage attend nahi kar rahe hoge?
  • Will we not be attending his marriage?

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