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The greatest enemy of mankind, as people have discovered, is not science, but war. Science merely reflects the social forces by which it is surrounded. It is found that when there is peace, science is constructive, when there is war, science is perverted to destructive ends. The weapons that science gives us don’t necessarily create war, these make war increasingly more terrible. Until now it has brought us to the doorstep of doom. Our main problem, therefore, is not to curb science but to stop the war.

This is a job in which everybody must participate including the scientists. But the bomb of Hiroshima suddenly woke us to the fact that we have very little time. The hour is late and our work has scarcely begun. Now we are face to face with this urgent question. “Can education and tolerance, understanding and creative intelligence run fast enough to keep us abreast with our own mounting capacity to destroy” This is the question which we will have to answer one way or the other in this generation? Science must help us in finding the answer, but ultimately the main decision lies within ourselves. You can learn from here English comprehension podcasts for beginners for free and Enhance your skill.

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QUESTION 1. According to the author, the real enemy of mankind is not science but war, because?

A. Science during the war is very destructive.

B. Science merely invents the weapons with which war is fought.

C. The weapons that science invents necessarily lead to war.

D. The weapons invented by science do not cause war though they make it more destructive.

QUESTION 2. According to the author, the solution lies in?

A. Preventing scientists from participating in destructive activities.

B.Abolishing war.

C. Stopping scientific activities everywhere.

D. Stopping science from reflecting social forces.


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