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Wrath (रॉथ़्‌)


बहुत तेज़ गुस्सा

Bahut tez gussa

Wrath meaning in English

Extreme anger

Pronunciation – rawth 

Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

anger, angriness, birse, choler, fury, indignation, ire, lividity, lividness, mad, madness, outrage, rage, spleen

Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

calmness, forbearance, patience


1. He eased her wrath.

2. People should fear the wrath of God.

3. She left the house to escape her mother’s wrath.

4. Indeed, it drew upon the full wrath of the workers upon the jobber.

5. In such a situation, most people will degenerate into wrath.

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