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Word of the day Voracious


Voracious meaning in Hindi


अत्यंत भूखा; भुक्‍खड़

Atyant bhukha; bhukkhad


Voracious meaning in English

Having a very eager or insatiable appetite for something, often food or knowledge


Voracious Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Ravenous, insatiable, gluttonous, greedy, avid


Voracious Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Moderate, satisfied, content, indifferent


Word Voracious Uses and Examples

She had a voracious appetite for books, often reading several novels in a week.

उसकी किताबों के प्रति अत्यंत भूख थी, अक्सर एक हफ्ते में कई novels पढ़ती थी।


The voracious wolf devoured its prey in a matter of seconds.

वो अत्यंत भूखा भेड़िया कुछ पलों में अपना शिकार खा गया।


I was voracious.

मैं बहुत भूखा था।

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