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Word of the day Profound


Profound meaning in Hindi


बहुत गहराई से कुछ महसूस करना

Bahut gehrai se kuch mehsoos karna  


Profound meaning in English

Felt or experienced very strongly or in an extreme way


Profound Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Heartfelt, intense


Profound Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Superficial, mild


Word Profound Uses and Examples

His mother’s death when he was aged six had a very profound effect on him.

उसकी मां की मृत्यु तब हुई जब वो छः साल का था और इसका उस पर बहुत गहरा असर हुआ।


Those two lines of poetry express perfectly the profound sadness of loss.

वो दो पंक्तियां बहुत अच्छे से किसी को खोने का दुःख बताती हैं।


There was a note of profound irritation in his voice.

उसकी आवाज़ में बहुत चिड़चिड़ाहट झलक रही थी।

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