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Gory | Day 307 | Word of the day

Word of the day Gory

Gory meaning in Hindi


खून–खराबे या मार–पीट वाला

Khoon-kharabe ya maar-peet wala

Gory meaning in English

Involving or showing violence and bloodshed

Gory Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Bloody, violent

Gory Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Charming, uplifting

Word Gory Uses and Examples

It was a gory horror movie.
कोई खून–खराबे वाली डरावनी movie थी।

I’m afraid most operations look pretty gory.
यहाँ ज्यादातर operations भयानक लग रहे हैं।

I couldn’t watch all those gory death scenes.
मैं वो सभी डरावने death scenes नहीं देख सकी।

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