Word of the day | Day 47 | Pulchritudinous



It is an adjective. It means beautiful. It is used for a person, especially for a woman.

Yeh ek adjective hai. Iska matlab sundar hai. Yeh kisi insaan ke istemaal kiya jata jai, khaastaur pe ek aurat ke liye.


Attractive, Beautiful, Magnificent, Luscious, Gorgeous


Ugly, Hideous, Unkempt, Unattractive, Inelegant


  1.  I saw a pulchritudinous girl in our class yesterday.
  2. He is going to propose his pulchritudinous girlfriend.
  3.  She will probably be remembered as a terrible actor but a pulchritudinous one.
  4. Every guy at the wedding was trying to flirt with my friend because she is so pulchritudinous.
  5. She was a pulchritudinous and confident lady who never gave up on her dreams.


March 2, 2022

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