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Veto | Day 177 | Word of the day

Word of the day

Veto meaning in Hindi


किसी कार्य या योजना को (आम सहमति के बावजूद भी) अस्‍वीकृत कर देना

Kisi karya ya yojna ko (aam sehmati ke bawajood) aswikrit kar dena

Veto meaning in English

To refuse to give official permission for an action or plan, when other people have agreed to it

Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Reject, turn down

Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Accept, approve, authorize


1. He vetoed it.

2. My boss vetoed my taking any more time off this year.

3. The governor said she would veto the bill unless certain parts were changed.

4. She wanted to drive the car, but her mom vetoed it.

5. They vetoed her application because of her performance.

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