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Acrid meaning in Hindi


(गंध, स्‍वाद आदि) कड़वा, तीव्र और तीखा
(Gandh, swaad aadi) kadwa, teevra, aur teekha

Acrid meaning in English

Having a strong and bitter smell or taste that is unpleasant

Acrid Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Pungent, bitter, sharp

Acrid Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Sweet, tasty, pleasant


1. Clouds of acrid smoke issued from the building.

2. The electrical fire sent thick clouds of acrid smoke through the office.

3. The room filled with the acrid smell of tobacco.

4. The plant has an unpleasant odour and an acrid taste.

5. Despair hung in the air like the smoke from the Map room, thick and acrid.



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