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Word of the day Nowadays


Nowadays meaning in Hindi





Nowadays meaning in English

In the present time; at this time or period


Nowadays Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Currently, at present, in the contemporary era, these days


Nowadays Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

In the past, formerly, previously


Word Nowadays Uses and Examples

1. Nowadays, people rely heavily on smartphones for communication.

आजकल, लोग संचार के लिए smartphones पर भरपूर निर्भर होते हैं।


2. Education has evolved significantly nowadays with the use of technology.

तकनीक के उपयोग से साथ शिक्षा में आजकल काफ़ी बदलाव आ चुका है।


3. Nowadays, it’s important to stay updated with the latest news and trends.

आजकल, नए समाचार और trends की जानकारी होना ज़रूरी है।

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