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Dread meaning in Hindi


किसी बात को लेकर बहुत भयभीत या चिंतित होना

Kisi baat ko lekar bahut bhayabheet ya chintit hona

Dread meaning in English

To be very afraid of or worried about something

Dread Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Fear, be anxious about

Dread Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Look forward to


1. He’s dreading the exam – he’s sure he’s going to fail.

2. I’m dreading having to meet his parents.

3. We are dreading the idea of having my son’s friends to stay.

4. I dread to think what they say about me behind my back.

5. That night as he dreamed, the warrior was confronted by the enemy he dreaded most.

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