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Dispute meaning in Hindi


(दो व्‍यक्तियों, समूहों या देशों के बीच) विवाद, झगड़ा

(Do vyaktiyon, samoohon ya deshon ke beech) vivaad, jhagda

Dispute meaning in English

disagreement or argument between two people, groups or countries

Dispute Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Fight, quarrel, disagreement

Dispute Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)



1. They have been unable to settle/resolve the dispute over working conditions.

2. The unions are in dispute with management over pay.

3. The judge urged the feuding partners to settle their legal dispute .

4. Staff have been in a long-running pay dispute with the company.

5. An official involved in the dispute said that the attorney has indicated he is likely to agree to the revised terms.

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