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Bilingual (बाइˈलिङ्‌ग्‍वल्‌)


द्वैभाषिक, दो भाषाओं से संबंधित

Dwaibhashik, do bhashaaon se sambandhit


द्विभाषी, दो भाषाओं को अच्‍छी तरह बोलने वाला इंसान

Dweebhashi, do bhashaaon ko achchhi tarah se bolne wala insaan

Bilingual meaning in English

having or using two languages


able to speak two languages equally well

Pronunciation – bai-ling-gvl

Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Bilingualist, polyglot, linguist, bidialectal, multidialectal, lingual, diglot, fluent, speaker, dual-language, dualist, labia, vernacular, anglophone

Antonyms(Related Opposite Words)

monolingual, monoglot


1. They are raising bilingual children.

2. He is bilingual in Hindi and English.

3. She works as a bilingual secretary for an insurance company.

4. They wanted to launch a bilingual newspaper.

5. The report recommends that the bank hires more bilingual staff.


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