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Assertive (अˈसटिव़्‌)


पूरे आत्मविश्वास के साथ और बिना डरे किसी से बात करना या किसी के सामने अपनी बात रखना

Poore aatmavishwas ke saath aur bina dare kisi se baat karna ya kisi ke saamne apni baat rakhna

Assertive meaning in English

behaving confidently and saying what they want or believe without being frightened

Pronunciation- uh-suh-tiv

Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Confident, bold, assured, self-assured, self-confident

Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Retiring, unconfident, hesitant, ambiguous


1. You need to be assertive if you want this job.

2. He is an assertive person as far as I know.

3. I wish I could be as assertive as you are.

4. Every employee of our company is assertive and responsible.

5. I’m not afraid of being assertive with anyone.



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