Adversity | Day 71 | Word of the day

Adversity (अड्ˈव़सटि)


कठिनाइयां या मुसीबत

Kathinaiyan ya musibat

Adversity meaning in English

Diffiulties or problems

Pronunciation – uhd-vuhs-uh-tee 

Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

misfortune, ill luck, bad luck, trouble, difficulty, hardship, distress, disaster, misadventure, suffering, affliction, sorrow, misery, heartbreak, heartache, wretchedness, tribulation, woe, pain, trauma, torment, torture, mishap, stroke of ill luck, stroke of bad luck, accident, shock, upset, reverse, reversal, reversal of fortune, setback, crisis, catastrophe, tragedy, calamity, trial, cross, burden, blow, buffet, vicissitude, issue, hard times, dire straits, trials and tribulations, hell, hell on earth, hassle, stress

Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

advantage, break, opportunity, good times,break, chance, fluke, godsend, hit, opportunity, strike, stroke, windfall, accomplishment, achievement, success, fortune, luck, serendipity


1. All of us can overcome any adversity.

2. These adversities make us stronger and wiser.

3. He was always cheerful in adversity.

4. The road to happiness is paved with adversities.

5. She is gleeful in the face of adversity.

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